Monday, December 7, 2015

Sister Nielsen is going home and Stef has lung cancer

Hello everyone!

Sister Nielsen goes home next week! So sad, I'm working her hard this week :)

Stef was going to go to the temple on Saturday, but he had to go to the hospital for breathing problems. They did an x-ray and found black spots on his lungs. He has to go to a specialist this week so they can do a biopsy and find out if he has cancer. He used to be a smoker, and also cancer runs in his family. He had two uncles die of lung cancer who weren't even smokers.

We had exchanges this week and I got to lead the area. Sister Mickelson was with me, and we did a lot of walking. Luckily it was a warmer day, thank goodness! We got to talk to a lot of people and set up appointments! I called Zac Efron "the Fron", and she thought that was the best thing ever, hahaha.

This week was interviews as well. I was really nervous to talk to President Porter. All we talked about was Stef and whether or not I'm doing everything I need to (waking up on time, doing studies, doing my 12 week training). I am doing all of those things :) I also found out that he told Sister Mickelson (she is a sister training leader by the way) that she needed to help prepare me to lead the area, so I guess it is safe to assume I won't be getting transferred next week :)

Even though Stef didn't go to the temple, we went (now we have to take time out of our pday....oh well). We got to see Jeanie (the Elder's recent convert) do baptisms for the dead. It was awesome! It was worth going, even though Stef wasn't there. When missionaries go to the temple, they can only go if one of their recent converts go. If they go anyway, they have to take the time that they were at the temple and take it out of their pday. So because it took 6 hours total, we have to take it out of our pday! But it's all good. It was an awesome experience! I've now been to the Louisville and Columbus temples.

Now to the peeps we are teaching!!
Anthony-- we are still giving him space, but we saw him on Saturday walking past Stef's house! We went by later, but we didn't get to talk to him.
Mike-- He won't text us back. Whenever we stop by he's asleep or not there.
Jo-- He is still on date for December 26th! He just needs to get married or move out of his girlfriend's house. That will be a tough one for sure!
Carla-- Sister Nielsen found her last month while on exchanges with Sister Witherspoon. I finally got to meet her! She is such a sweet girl. We taught the Restoration with Sister Taylor (our ward mission leaders wife) and it was amazing! Carla loves it. She said she has heard really great things about our church and wants to come! She didn't come this week sadly. Next week hopefully!
Veronica-- Stef's niece. She has been flakey, so we aren't really getting anywhere with her.

Well, that's my week! Don't forget about the true meaning of Christmas. So cliché, but it's true! I know that Christ was born, he lived, he died, and he was resurrected. All for us. I am forever grateful to Him for making it possible for me, and all of you, to be forgiven of our sins, be resurrected, and live with our Heavenly Father again.

Love you all!
Sister Fultz #OCM

P.s. Did you know that OCM is one of the most obedient missions? True story.

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