Monday, September 26, 2016


This week was crazy!

I went on my first exchange this week. I was in Little Miami with Sister Winterton. Funny/awkward/embarrassing story... we were driving out in the country and Blanchester... and I tried to turn around on the road...don't really know what happened, but I ended up in a ditch. We were stuck... and we were blocking half the road... it was pretty awkward. Luckily there are members in Blanchester who have a truck. We called them and they pulled us out. No damage to the car! Yay! Later that night we had dinner with some members that live on a farm. They also do dog breeding. They breed Golden's and Poodles! One of the poodles just had puppies, and so I got to hold a new born poodle :) :) we also went out to see their llama and cows and chickens and a bunch of other animals. The cow was sniffing me and then tried to pull down my skirt. Also the llama is really mean and will come at you. Don't look llamas in the eye, or they'll spit at you.

This last week we got to help with Feed Ohio food drive that our ward does. On Wednesday we went around neighborhoods giving fliers and the brown paper bags door to door. One lady told us no at first because she thought we were doing religious stuff. It was hilarious when she realized that we weren't and her eyes got all wide. On Saturday morning we went back around to those houses and picked up the bags of food on their porches. We went back to a members house and sorted all the food. I felt the spirit so strong in the garage (haha sounds kinda funny). I just loved seeing us all come together to help those in need. Even the little kids were excited to help. It was a good morning!

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

 Elder Cantido and our board at District Meeting
 Pretty Sunset in a cemetary
 Funny cat
 Spiders in Ohio are big and everywhere
 An Elder has a fake tooth and left it at a members house, and so we picked it up to take to him, so we took a pic. We are the tooth fairies!
 No description needed...
Sister Winterton and I on exchanges :)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Six months to go????

Hey everyone!

So this week we had zone conference, and I had to do a training. I trained on how to have a more productive companionship. I did it with Elder Bee, and it was lots of fun! Preach My Gospel has so many awesome activities to do in comp study. It was good for me to study since I haven't liked comp study very much in the past.

This week, pretty much every investigator we had dropped us or they are ignoring us. It was sad. This coming week is going to be a week of hardcore finding. I am excited! We are going on our first exchanges of the transfer tomorrow with the Montgomery sisters. I'm going to be running the area... we will see how that goes.

Sister Baker and I both got sick this week. We had fevers and upset stomachs. It was not fun! But we pushed through it. This P-Day is much needed, that is for sure! We plan on going shopping at Target ;)

We had the tornado sirens go off this past week... so that was fun. They didn't stay on for very long, so we were safe :) we have had some crazy rain and thunder storms this week.  I loved it!

I did a lot of painting this week for a less active who is getting her house ready to sell. I didn't do too bad, which was surprising. We did outdoor painting of the trimmings around her door and the pillars on her porch. I killed some massive spiders in the process. Spiders  are 10x bigger here than in Utah, same with the squirrels!

We have a painting of boats in our apartment, so we decided to add Christ and Peter to it, hehehehe.

I have been on my mission for one whole year! Crazy how fast time goes by. I've loved it. Right now the plan is for me to come home in April... but I have a feeling that is going to change. A lot of people are going home a few weeks earlier. I don't know what President Welch's plan is yet. Hopefully I get to stay until April!

That's all folks.

Sister Fultz

 Found the Fultz headstone again
 They don't know how to English
 Taking pictures during the storm
MOM! I thought you would enjoy this 
 Taking pictures during the storm
 Taking pictures during the storm
 Sister Baker and I
 Painting with our own "fizzaz" added
Painting wth our own "fizzaz" added

Thursday, September 15, 2016


I am a Sister Training Leader in Little Miami, Ohio! I am in the same stake as I was when I was in Montgomery. Sister Coleman got put in Wilmington, which is also in my stake. As a Sister Training Leader I will get to go on exchanges with her! Last Monday was eventful. Usually if you are going to be called as a STL, President will call you. I didn't get a call from him that day, and I found out that night on the call that I was going to be a STL. That was a good surprise. I am with Sister Baker from Vernal, Utah. I just love her! She and I are already best friends. She's got red hair, and I'm kind of jealous of it. I asked her if she knew the Talbot's, but she doesn't!

I had my first Stake Reports this week. That's when all the missionary leaders in the Stake get together with President Welch and also the Stake President and go over missionary numbers and progress. It was so stressful. I was just afraid to say the wrong thing. All i had to say was how we are doing really well with getting people to church, so it wasn't too bad. Afterwards we went and got Menchie's frozen yogurt, and I made everyone use my rewards card. So next time I go I have a free 5.00 reward :D Awkward moment of that night was the worker called me by my first name (she knew it because it was on my rewards account). Then an Elder called me by it too. Ahhhh! I am a missionary and my name is Sister Fultz! haha. Yes, I've become that awkward missionary.

I got to go to another church this week... haha. I went to the Vineyard. We have an investigator, Aaron, who would only come to our church if we went to his. It was pretty much a rock concert. It was good music... but i think I like our classic hymns for church better. We got free mugs! Aaron then came to our church on Sunday (his was on Saturday). He loved it! He keeps saying he'll only meet with us one more time... whatever you say Aaron! He accepted a Book of Mormon, which he originally said he wouldn't. He is making progress, and the ward welcomed him so well! We are going to see him "one last time" sometime this week, and I don't think it will be the last ;)

We went to knock on a potentials door. I hadn't met these people yet, and Sister Baker was saying they were super nice and had a little baby. We did our classic 3 knock pattern, and on the 3rd knock... they knocked back! It scared me so bad. Safe to say they didn't want us there. Oh well. First time for everything.

I did a dumb thing this week. I was flipping my water bottle around, and then it hit me in the nose. I started crying... it hurt so bad/I was laughing. It's still sore right now! Sister Baker got a good laugh, and so did Sister Coleman and Carlisle, who were on the phone with us. It doesn't help having glasses. It's the worst when I have an itch. It also makes it pretty hard to sleep at night. I'm just bummed that it didn't bruise.

Well, that's really it. I had a really fun week, and time is flying by. My 1 year mark is this week... so crazy. Sure love you all!

Sister Fultz

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Leaving The Nati

Hello everyone, I am emailing on a members iPad, so excuse my typos! It's actually rather hard to type on.

I am leaving Cincinnati, and so is Sister Coleman! I think I am more sad that she is leaving than I am about me leaving. I wanted her to be able to lead the area, but God has other plans I suppose!

This week was strange. First our investigator Jackie dropped us ;( it's okay though. She just wasn't ready.

And this week President Welch made some changed to how we are going to be doing our number reporting, and we also will not be doing as many conference calls. We are aligning more with preach my gospel, and I really like it. It's making life a lot easier actually. We went from about 20 different key indicators down to the standard 9 as outlined in preach my gospel. It will also be nice to have zone calls every single night. More sleep!

We had a cool experience this week. We went to try a potential and we talked to their neighbor first, and they told us that they weren't there anymore. We started walking back to the car, but I felt like we need to go back and knock on the door anyway. We went back and knocked on the door, and when the lady opened that opened the door, I knew that i knew her from somewhere. She said that she recognized me as well. I asked her name. When she told me her name, I remembered her! I met her the first time i was here. She is a less active who all the time we don't contact because of her boyfriend. Since then she has moved, and we didn't know where. Well now we do! She told us we could go visit her any day. Miracle!

I forgot to tell you all last week, but last week we saw a pig! Pigs are a common pet here in Cincinnati. It was just out eating some grass. We were talking to the owners, and then some officers drove up and took a picture of it. It was bizzare.

My last Sunday in this ward went out with a bang. One of the members got out the portable mic and started going around forcing people to bear their testimonies. I was one of them... But I did it gladly.

Nothing much really happened this week. I will tell you all next week where I end up!

Love you all,

Sister Fultz

Mission Tour!

This week was our mission tour with Elder and Sister Hamula. It was THE BEST. There are a lot of things that President Welch is changing, and I am so excited for it. One thing he really emphasized is giving it back to us. He wants us to set the standards for ourselves. He is going to have there be less accountability in some aspects, so we can learn to be accountable more to ourselves and not just others. We are going to be having a mission conference call on Thursday to talk about the things we will be changing. It will take getting use to, but I am excited! Elder Hamula and his wife said some really encouraging words that I needed to hear. Funny how the spirit works that way, huh? ;)

The morning of mission tour, our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Iketau and Johnson, were coming over for breakfast and we were going to carpool to the meeting. Sister Coleman was making pancakes, and we have to use a lot of oil otherwise everything sticks to the pan. I was out in the living room, and all the sudden I hear "Son of a Biscuit Eater!". I walked in and the pan and a pancake were on the ground and Sister Coleman was running her hand under cold water. Somehow, she made the pan fly off the stove and spilled the hot oil on her hand. I didn't even know what to do, I jjust kept asking if she wanted to wrap it, even though we had nothing to wrap it with... haha. SO she was in major pain all through our meetung, which lasted from 8:30 to 3, and then we stayed at the church until 5 to meet with President. Poor girl. Hopefully she'll get a cool scar from it! I attached a picture of it.

We got caught in a gnarly rainstorm this week. Lots of rain, thunder and lightning. It was fun! Sister Coleman isn't used to rain, and she always gets really excited. I get really sick of it since I'm used to rain and I just really dislike being wet. I do enjoy the thunder and lightning.

I got hit on this week. So that's always fun. Here is how it went:

(Earlier in the day)
"are you married?" -Guy at Stefs house
"You'll have to marry someone cocky to put up with you"
(Later in the day)
"And So you aren't married???"
"Man...if God put me in your church, he'd put me with you. You're so fiesty!"
"Okay have a great night..." *drives away*

Also this last week we got a new investigator at Stef's house (so many things happen there). We were praying at the end, and people in Madisonville like to hold hands while praying. SO here i am, holding this 30 something year old guys hand that was probably drunk, and he prayed for seriously 10 minutes. I HELD HIS HAND FOR 10 MINUTES. Oh my. Life is exciting.

We had our first lesson with our new investigator, Jackie, on Tuesday. It was the most amazing Restoration lesson everr! The spirit was so strong and she accepted Joseph Smith very well. One thing President Welch really emphasizes if talking more about Jesus Christ. When we met Jackie we did exactly that. When we saw her on Tuesday, she said the only reason she let us come back was because we talked about Jesus Christ. Thank you President Welch for your wise counsel! :)

Last week of the transfer! Crazy how time flies. I am almost done training Sister Coleman as well. She has grown so much as a missionary, and I couldn't be more proud of her. I have really pushed her out of her comfort zone, just as a trainer should ;) I love that girl so darn much.

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

Not much this week

Mark is not getting baptized anymore :( He just wasn't willing to live the Word of Wisdom. In time :) We won't be seeing him as often anymore because he just isn't progressing. Back to square one.

We had zone conference this week! Changed my life. We talked a lot about repentance and how investigators need to truly repent before baptism, a big reason why Mark is not getting baptized yet. We did a lot of fun role plays too that I enjoyed. I love President Welch.

When we told ward council that Mark wouldn't be getting baptized, one member got really mad and leaned forward and was pretty much yelling at us. Some people just don't understand the process of missionary work and conversion. Meh.

This coming Friday we are going to have a member of the 70 come! Very exciting. Elder Hamula, I probably spelled that wrong, will be visiting with us :)

It rained a lot this week, and we always forget our umbrellas... so we got soaked.

We have an investigator, Lisa! She is the one in the nursing home. She is still doing well. She had a hospital visit scare because of asthma, but she is doing better now. We got a good picture with her :) She isn't set to get baptized on a certain day, only because her time in our area is temporary. Once she goes home she will get baptized where she lives :)

We had a zone sports day today! I always love those. I accidentally kicked an elder, and our shins hit each other, and it hurt. I have a pretty good mark on my leg. Other than that it was fun! I almost won in speed... but an elder got me out during the final two. Rats.

Transfers are coming up in the next few weeks... I have a feeling I will be leaving Cincinnati. But we will see!

Love you all. Sorry for the scatterbrained email. It happens.

Sister Fultz

 Us... Soaked
 Classic Sister Missionary in the car pic :)
Us with Lisa!