Monday, April 25, 2016

Haaaard Week

EVERY investigator canceled on us this week... it was stressful to say the least. We had the hardest time finding people, and no one really wanted to talk to us. It turned into a less active week. Then we have 4 less actives at church! Always a successful week here in the Mont-geezy.

We had interviews this week, which is always fun. Everyone in the mission got new phones! Woohoo! But also kind of annoying to get used to a new phone while doing rapid missionary work. It has been crazy! But the new phone actually gets texts. Yeah!

On Sunday night, MIRACLE! We met an Indian family, and they are interested in learning more and we are going to see them Tuesday! Why that's a miracle is because there are a lot of Indians in the Montgomery area, and none of them are really interested. This family we found is actually Christian! Also very uncommon! It was over the moon happy.

The Elders had a baptism this week! Her name is Brittany and we seriously love her. The Elders ruined most of the pictures so I had to crop them out. Haha!

This was a really slow week, so I don't have much to say . Sorry!

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

Monday, April 18, 2016

They see me preachin', they hatin'

Hello errybody!

WE FOUND AN AMAZING FAMILY THIS WEEK! We were out knocking on doors by a less active that moved, and we found a family of 8! They have 6 boys! So crazy. We tried this new method of contacting by saying that we are offering free church tours on Wednesdays and Saturdays. IT WORKED. We were able to set up a church tour for this Saturday and then also an appointment for this Thursday. Something that was rare was that they actually had a car and could drive it! THAT NEVER HAPPENS. What was even cooler was that I said a prayer earlier in the day telling Heavenly Father that we would find a family that day, and they would be baptized and they would be sealed together for eternity. THEN HE SENDS US A FAMILY. Isn't He just great?

This week we went to a lesson and we were waiting for a member. We were just sitting in our car, and we sat there for 30 minutes and she didn't show up. We texted her and we got no response. We decided she wasn't coming and we had sat in the car long enough. We got out and the person we were going to see weren't even available. We started to walk down the street to try a former, and a police officer drives by. I immediately thought that someone called them on us. We got to the house and we were knocking when the officer pulled up and got out of his car! He asked who we were with and asked for ID. It's actually kind of funny because Sister Breeze and I were both thinking "Sweet! We get to actually show someone our Ministerial Certificate!". We started to pull them out when he said our name tags were enough. BUMMER. We were really disappointing to say the least. He just told us that they have a no soliciting law, but since we are with a religious group we were good. Then he drove off. Somewhat uneventful, but still fun. 

Slow week.. sorry y'all!
Woo ya woo! 

Sister Fultz 

Bradi Banner Quotes

So Bradi Banner is a former missionary who served in our mission, but she lives in our mission. She is visually impaired, practically blind. She lives in our ward so she comes teaching with us a lot. This week she said some really funny things:

Sister Fultz: dang it I ran a stop sign (I really did)
Bradi: And I thought I was the blind one.

Sister Breeze: I can't read and walk!
Bradi: Neither can I.

(Talking about Satan)
Bradi: I'm going to take him and beat him with my cane!! 

She is pretty much the best member missionary ever. She was called to serve for 6 weeks in Indiana, and she ended up serving for 6 months! She didn't want to leave, but she needed to. It's pretty cool though, she went home "late" ;)

That's all for real this time! 

Sister Fultz

Up's and Down's

Shalom Shalom Shalom!!

I found a Fultz headstone in South Lebanon this past week while on exchanges with Sister Sly... 
I also got eaten by a hippo! 
It's been a busy week, so we were very exhausted 

Chrystal has been weird this week. She fell off date for the 23rd, and we didn't see her for a few days. Then we finally saw her and put her on date for May 7th... now we can't get in contact with her. What the heck Chrystal??? She is driving us nuts! But it's okay, because everything is in the Lords time! We are starting to wonder if she really is crazy... hmmm. 

I'm getting sick... again! I just got over a cold not too long ago, then I thought I had an ear infection, and now I'm getting a cold again. Ugh :( 

The less active I used to always talk about that went to rehab came home early. The hospital he was in wasn't doing a good job and it wasn't worth the money. I was really worried when I found out that he would come home and go right back to doing drugs. BUT HE DIDN'T! We met with him a few days after he got home, and he is still clean and wants to work on being temple worthy and he is thinking about a mission! MIRACLE. I seriously cried after. I was so overjoyed. He changed so much in just the 20ish days he was in rehab. The next big thing is going to be getting him to quit smoking. Luckily he has been on nicorete gum, but last night he smoked while he was at an AA meeting (a lot of people smoke at those, so it was a major temptation). 

We are starting the 4th week of my 5th transfer. Time is just flying by! Sister Breeze is now driving so she can get to know the area better. Three weeks until transfers!! Ahhhhh!!

I brought my notebook with me today, so I want to share some of my notes from conference :)

President Henry B. Eyring (Saturday morning): How close we feel to the Savior depends on US. We need to ask ourselves what soil we are planting our seed in. If we can see the lessening of our joy and faith, we are more blessed because of our humility. 

Mary R. Durham: I loved the story of the man who had to take off his shoes to be able to swim. It really made me think "What are my weights? What is holding me back?" 

Ronald A. Rasband (Saturday Afternoon): I thought it was funny that he talked about sustaining our leaders right after the vote was taken :) What I thought while we was talking was about how we need to humble enough to sustain them. I loved when he said "I know the risks, but I know to follow Christ". It's sad how following Christ has become a risk in the world today. 

Neil L. Andersen: I feel like he talked about a somewhat difficult subject. I would be nervous to talk about children not having parents and singing about their parents in primary. I really loved that he related it to our Heavenly Parents rather than our Earthly parents. It was funny to hear him in Conference in contrast to when he came and talked to our mission. In conference he was MUCH more professional :)

Thomas S. Monson (Sunday Morning): He looks so sick, but it was good to be able to hear from him even though it was short. The choices we make determine our destiny!! Unlike Alice, it does matter which way we go. 

W. Christopher Waddell: I SERIOUSLY LOVED HIS. The Atonement is my favorite thing to talk about and study. I encourage ALL OF YOU to go and reread this talk!!!! So amazing!! 

Dieter F. Uchtdorf: "The Celestial language". HAHAHA. 

Robert D. Hales (Sunday Afternoon): Only the Prophet can receive revelation for the whole church... sorry everyone who seems to think otherwise! 

Who else just wanted to cry when President Uchtdorf got up after the talk about refugees???

Jeffrey R. Holland: We can escape the consequence of sin and STUPIDITY of ourselves and others if we give ourselves to God. 

I know that this church is true. I know that if we give ourselves to God that we can make it through anything. I know that no matter how far from God we feel, we can always come back through repentance. I also know that even when we feel like we're "close enough" to God, we're wrong. There is always something more for us. That's why we came here. We weren't meant to be stagnant... that's why the Fall was necessary. Every single day of our lives needs to be spent coming closer to Christ, otherwise, what are we doing that is worth it? There is a kind of song that we have been listening to a lot this week, and it reminds me that everyday we need to be doing things worth while, and doing things that we won't regret. I've also been thinking a lot this week about having an Eternal perspective. I encourage all of you to read Genesis 25:29-34. Let us be sure not to Esau and give up something amazing for a stupid bowl of pottage. Don't give up something Eternal for something temporary. When you're going through a hard time, look to the future, have an Eternal perspective. When we are able to do that, it makes it easier to see why our Heavenly Father gives us the things he goes. We are in boot camp right now, preparing to be Gods and Goddesses. I know these things are true in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

I also attached the song/monologue that I love to listen to. It's worth hearing. 

Sister Fultz

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello all you beautiful people!

General Conference was absolutly the best! Here is a summary of my favorites:

1. Dallin H. Oaks!! He blows me away every time. It was a good reminder after a hard week of work that it is all part of the plan. 
2. Jeffrey R. Holland-- I just about cried. He is always so heart felt and genuine. It made me think that if we don't apply anything that we learn at Conference, church, or other meetings that it makes it a waste of time. We need to apply the revelation we receive from our Heavenly Father. 
3. President Monson-- what a champ! FOUR NEW TEMPLES!! Woohoo! REPENTANCE. Oh my, such an important thing that our Heavenly Father has given us! 
4. Bonnie L. Oscarson Do you believe? Nuff' said.

There were many other things that I loved, but I forgot my notebook so I can't remember at the moment! So lets go over this CRAAAAZY week we had here in Mont-Geezy

When Sister Breeze first got here, we went through our area book and picked some former investigators to check up on. There was this particular name, Chrystal Dooley, that stood out to us. BUT THERE WASN'T AN ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER. UGH. One of the missionaries who taught her was Sister Breeze's STL, so she decided to email her. Last Monday she forgot the email, so she wasn't able to. We didn't really worry about it. On Tuesday we decided to try a former named Esther. While looking for her house, which we couldn't find, we met this lady and started talking to her. We asked if we could give her a card, and she said "Yes! Please! Give me a card!". GUESS WHAT. IT WAS CHRYSTAL DOOLEY. She told us that she had been waiting for us to come and see her for a week. AHHHHH. MIRACLE. We talked to her for awhile, ON WE PUT HER ON DATE. She is so prepared and golden! But sadly, she is now off date because she did not watch conference, BUT IT WAS STILL A COOL EXPERIENCE. Woo. 

Also, Garrett is no longer getting baptized on the 16th :( he doesn't feel its right. But he is still reading the Book of Mormon which is awesome! 

Funny story of the week: we were walking through Kroger, and we were by all the wine going to the produce, we said "You know you're not in Utah anymore when there is more wine than produce". *bu dum tsss* 

Lastly, our zone for the first time in pretty much ever has more Sisters than Elders. Now we call ourselves the Relief Society and the Zone Leaders call themselves the original Relief Society presidency... dorks. 

Woo hoo! 
Sister Fultz

Sorry y'all for the short and scattered brained email. It has been a crazy week and I am exhausted! Love you all (:

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fultz and Breeze "Fubreeze"

Sister Breeze is my new companion! We came out together, and she was Sister Johnson's MTC companion :) I guess I'm just going to get sent to every sister from the MTC. Woohoo!

It has been a loooooong week. First week of the transfers usually are. We worked lists a lot this week and so it was fun to knock on doors in areas I'd never been in. It has been super mega hard to lead the area, but the Lord is definitely helping me through it all! I've realized how well I do NOT know the area...hahahahahhahahahahahhaha. It doesn't help that Sister Johnson accidentally took my GPS, so I will have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday to get it back. Awkward.

Sister Breeze is really clean, so we have spent a lot of time cleaning. Which has been really awesome! We spent a lot of time today cleaning our apartment and throwing away old expired food that I didn't even know was there.

We met this guy named Ben this week. He was telling us how he travels around a lot and that he has bad blood in Ohio. He said it's all for work and we said that his job sounded pretty lonely, and he said it was all for a good cause. We asked what he did and he wouldn't tell us--he said he wasn't at liberty to say. Strange. So we invited him to church and he said maybe if he was still in town and we left. Sister Breeze turns to me as I'm driving and says "I bet he's in the secret service" Me: "What do they even do?" Breeze: "I don't know, that's why it's secret. It's either that or hes an undercover Rockstar... or a drug dealer running from the law". We decided to call him Mr. CIA man. Sadly Mr. CIA man did not come to church., and so our suspicions arise. Mr. CIA reminds us of the main character of "Burn Notice"

Garrett is still on date for the 16th, and he just got home from Europe. We are seeing him tomorrow to teach the church lesson and the second half of the Plan of Salvation. Sister Breeze said she's lucky that she got to walk in on such an awesome investigator. Pretty much, haha.

Well this week was rather uneventful... I feel like I had more to say but I can't remember any of it. Ta ta for now!

Sister Fultz