Monday, June 27, 2016

Change is good, right?!

This week was see ya later to President and Sister Porter. We got to go to the temple with both of them on Friday. BEST DAY EVER. I haven't been to the temple in about 8 months! While there, it was so amazing to see President Porter just look at all of us with such a proud look in his eyes. After the session in the Celestial room, he gave everyone hugs. When he gave me a hug he said "You are not even the same person, and I'm proud of you". *cue the tears here* ahhhhh it was so hard! That was the last time on my mission I will get to talk to him and Sister Porter face to face. I got to hear them on conference calls throughout the rest of the weekend at least. They are such amazing people. President and Sister Welch are here now, and we will get to meet them on Friday. I'm very excited for that!

As far as investigators, Greg is still going! He is hard to teach... haha. He has far out questions/beliefs. I can never really understand his questions. We taught him the Book of Mormon this past week, and he loved it! He is so excited to read it and  can see that he needs to do so. He came to church again, but he left after sacrament for his other church D:< soon.....

Our mini mish, Sister Joseph, went home on Saturday! We enjoyed our time with her. She was crazy to say the least. Oh to be 16 again... except not really.

This was a crazy week, and this week it is going to be even crazier! We have lots of appointments, which I'm excited for. I love being busy. It makes the work a lot easier.

Well, don't know what else to say. Love you all!

Sister Fultz

Monday, June 20, 2016

Back in the Nati

I hope all the amazing fathers who see my emails had a great Fathers day... especially my daddy-o!

I have returned to my birthplace of Cincinnati!!!! I live in the same apartment, with the same car, and the same ward. It's crazy! I always said I would love to come back here when they decided to put Sisters back, I just never thought it would really happen! My greenie/baby is Sister Coleman, and she is from Farmington, New Mexico. What are the odds??? Haha we laughed so hard when we found that out. It was hard to leave Marion, but once i found out i was going "home" , i couldn't help but be excited. When they read it over the call, I fell to the ground and couldn't breathe! Then to make it all better, Sister Johnson, my comp, from a few transfer ago, is my Sister Training Leader!!! This is going to be great 2 transfers of training.

More exciting news, after the New Missionary Training, my BFF (Elder Bluth, haha) called and asked if we would like to get a mini missionary...duh! So we have Sister Joseph with us now :) She is from Hamilton, Ohio and will be with us until Saturday. She's pretty cute.

When we got here on Tuesday, we didn't have much to go off of. The area book hadn't been updated in a while. That made it a little hard to get the work going. But we did well this week nonetheless. We were able to find people that were being taught and find some new people ourselves to teach. I know that God was leading us to the people we needed to find. I love that feeling.

We do have one investigator that I really love, Greg Pullem. He is a character. Before we met him, he called us every night at 10:15, so we couldn't answer. He always left us a voicemail about how great God is and how love is powerful. They always made us smile. When we did get to meet him, he was just like he sounded in his voicemail's. I just love him already! When we extended baptism, he went on a rant that ended with "I guess I wouldn't mind being baptized again"....okay cool! So next time we see him we are going to extend a baptisimal date. Woohoo!

We have mass amounts of Ramen in our apartment... thank you Elders!

Sister Coleman is just awesome. She went out teaching a lot in her YSA ward, so she is pretty easy to train ;) my job is to make her uncomfortable, and she told me that I've been doing a good job! Off to a great start. I just love her so much and she is just ready to teach and change lives. She has got that "greenie" fire!

It's trippy to be in the same area, but it's all so different. I love this area and am excited to see it change even more for the better. Love you all! Talk to you next week.

Sister Fultz

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Leaving Marion, training a new missionary

I am leaving sad. But the exciting thing is... I will be training a new missionary! Woohoo! I am going to be a mom! President Porter called me this morning and asked me a few questions like if I woke up every morning at 6:30, started with a prayer, and a bunch of other obedience questions. Luckily for me, I am obedient ;) He told me that the Lord has called me to train a new missionary and that a trainer is the most trusted calling. I will change this Sister mission, and her life. The pressure is on! President then told me that he needs me to be loving, bold, and that I need to baptize... oh dang. I've only had one baptism my whole mission! I am pretty nervous, but the Lord's hand is in his work, and I am lucky to be a part of it.

Katie Barnes... dropped off the face of the Earth...and when we did see her, she was with her husband who is MIA. We stopped to talk to them and they didn't seem happy to see us. They made up an excuse and walked away. I guess they dropped us? We are really sad about it. When we talked to President Porter about it, he told us that she was discouraged because she wanted all her problems to go away all at once. Obviously that didn't happen, and so now she is angry and frustrated. Makes sense!

A few weeks ago we found the Johnson family. We couldn't really get in contact with them though:( We decided to stop by and set a time to come back. Luckily we caught them! They told us to come back that Saturday. When we got there, we woke them up, haha! But they did get up and we taught the Restoration. We invited them to church, and it was funny because they were making it sound like they wouldn't be able to make it. So of course we asked what we could do to help them come. Tavarius, the boyfriend, then said "Okay y'all, bottom line is they want us to come to church. Now are we gonna go?" PREACH MAN. He was so inspirtational that they all said they could come. Woohoo! So Sunday comes, and we are in Sacrament, and they aren't there! We even went that morning to wake them up! Oi vey. But wait... while we are singing the closing hymn...they all walk in in a line, and there are the perfect amount of seats for them to sit in. It was hilarious. When we said the prayer and everyone got up, they were really confused. They thought they were walking into the beginning of the second service....they thought we had more than one service! Hahaha. No... we do not. We had even told them that morning. But hey! They came and stayed for classes and they loved it! Miracles.

Sister Fultz

OH. This week is my hump day. I am halfway done with my mission :(

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mike is MIA


Katie Barnes is doing so well! Her husband, Mike, on the other hand... not so much. He left one day and never came back. Which is scary because he is on parole, and is supposed to be home every night by 10, and has to call every morning to find out if they are going to do a drug screening. Then on top of all of that, he is diabetic! Ugh. Katie did find out that he is out and using meth... Katie just isn't worried about it anymore, she is just taking care of herself. I feel like that is what she should do at this point, personally. She is reading the Book of Mormon! She is on 1 Nephi 3. She can feel the peace when she reads it, and knows that it is true :) We helped her clean her house this week, its so much better now. I spent a lot of the time wiping down the walls. It smelled a lot better after ;) We helped her fold all of her clothes... so many! Most of them were actually left by other people. So, another thing that proves our love to Katie is we did some of her laundry. When she was...having a relapse...she tried to wash her clothes in the bathtub. It would have worked...except she didn't dry them. So they started to mold and smell all fishy. We told her we can't do all of her laundry, but we would save her failed attempt at washing her clothes. We got them all washed and they still smelled like fish. Oh well. We tried. She was able to come to church again this week :) she is committed to coming the rest of her life. Perfect!

Funny story... our neighbor, Ruth Ann, is such a funny little woman. She totally isn't all there mentally, but we have been trying to teach her. We mostly help her with her yard work. When we have taught lessons, we will ask a question and she will just stare at us and not answer. The other day we asked her if she was going to answer, she said no and that she was ignoring us. Ruth Ann! You're like 63 and have no manners! What the heck! Anyway. She is stuck on the whole idea of authority and how you need it to be baptized for real. She said that her pastors have it. When we asked where they got it from, she said she didn't know...imagine that. We asked if it was important to her to have the authority be from Jesus Christ...she said no. She won't come to church, but she did come to a party we had at the church on Saturday. We showed her around the church with a member, and she was so rude... I couldn't handle it. I couldn't help but laugh. We were talking to her in the front and she just walked out in the middle of Sister Mickelsen's testimony. She still wont come to church. But she is reading the Book of Mormon! We'll get her soon.

The end of the transfer is next week. I really hope I get to stay in Marion! Honestly I would be surprised if I did stay... I just have that feeling. But past experiences have shown that I'm never really right about transfers. Soooo if you have anything to send to me, continue to send it to the mission home to be safe, since I don't know where I could be living next week. Love ya all lots!

Sister Fultz