Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Companion

I have a new companion, Sister Peardon! She is from Roseville, California and she has been out about 10 months. We have had so much fun this week and I just love her! I am teaching her to play the piano and we try to play Pokemon together.

We tracted a bunch this week in efforts to building our teaching pool. I have tried most of the potentials in the area book so we are trying new stuff out. It was my first time really tracting and it brought forth some good things, but mostly just being tired, haha. We are still working hard to build up our teaching pool!

A funny story from this week: We knocked on a potentials door and her son answered. He started saying how he is a "TI", which is a targeted individual. We asked how he became one and he acted all weird and said "various ways". Well okay then. He said that he thought we were trying to break in the other day when we knocked, but it wasn't us. Then he said "I thought some redneck gangster was breaking in to kill me and my mom". Later we asked him what religion he was and he said "I feel like I shouldn't say...the one everyone hates." Well okay then. As you can imagine we probably won't be going back there.

A member took us to Red Lobster this week, and I loved it! I used to hate fish but since being on my mission I have grown to love it. The member that took us was baptized last year and is now less active due to work. He is one of the coolest people I have ever met, he has the most interesting conversion story. He used to be heavily into drugs and he says that if he hadn't started meeting with the missionaries he probably would be dead. He has to work every Sunday to support his ex wife who he pays a ton of alimony to and also he has two daughters who he pays for to go to school. Since he is a single guy we can't meet at his house, instead he takes us out to dinner every single week! We try something new every week and its been fun to get to know him. This week we found out that he likes Tumblr. He also freaks out when there is something with gluten that I can't eat. I just love him!

Yesterday after church a kid got hit by a car in the parking lot. I didn't see any of it happen I just heard. It was the son of our primary president and they had to take him to the hospital. He's okay now from what I have heard and is back home. But how scary is that! I'm glad he is okay. To makee the story a little less scary, an investigator saw it happen and yelled the "S" word and I thought it was pretty funny.

I love you all! Talk to you next week.

Sister Fultz

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Another Week

Hello everyone!

This was the last week of the transfer. I will be staying in Eastgate and will be getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Peardon and I am seriously so excited to be with her.

The zoo on Monday was so fun! Not many animals were out due to colder weather, but we saw enough to make it worth it (aka the elephants).

We got a new investigator this week named Gary. We found him looking for his dad who passed away (those situations are always a little awkward). Gary wonders what the truth really is and how you can tell it, and he really has real intent. The sisters found him on exchanges so I wasn't there, but when I first met him his dog pee'd on my foot. Reminded me of home.

This week we went to the temple!! It was much needed and I loved every minute of it. We went to the Columbus temple with the Cherry Grove sisters and Sister Allred from our ward drove us. I ended up losing my recommend somewhere at the temple and couldn't find it after we were done. Luckily President was able to give me a 3 month one. After the temple Sister Allred took us to a classic place called Bob Evans. It turned out to be a really great day.

Today we had a zone fun day at a members house and they had a basketball court in their house! The only downside was that it was decked out in Utah State University... but alas I played on it. They also had a pool table, ping pong and chess. The members also fed us pizza (I just ate the cheese and toppings),


Sister Fultz

 The Elephants!
 The Columbus Temple
 Sister Winterton and I in the car going to the Temple
 Sister Winterton and I driving around Eastgate
 Our District :)
Sister Winterton and I at the zoo

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The work here is getting better, more people are letting us in! Hallelujah.

We taught Melissa the Plan of Salvation this week and it went really well. She wasn't able to come to church this week sadly :( But she is planning on it for next week! She is so awesome and understands things really well. I love teaching her! Well, I love teaching everyone, but especially her.

In Ohio you always get an earful from people about all the heroin and weed problems that are everywhere. I love listening to it honestly, its so interesting to me. It's hilarious when one of your investigators tells you that another one of your investigators is selling heroin. Woo!

On Saturday we got to go to Lakeside Park, Kentucky, to help with a Tri State Priest-Laurel activity. It was so fun! We helped with the games during the race, we did the puzzle room. The youth were so funny to watch and it reminded me of when I was in their place :)

To add to the time with young people we also taught Primary! We taught the 5 year old kids and they were a handful. Two of them just loved to talk and didn't know what "shhh" meant, haha! One of them commented on my deep voice, and I just smiled. Awkward when little kids just say what they think, I love it.

We are going to the Cincinnati Zoo today with our District, the assistants, and President and Sister Welch. I will send lots of pictures next week!

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

Monday, February 6, 2017

Best Week Thus Far

What an amazing week!

When I was in Cincinnati at the beginning of my mission, I had heard of two boys name Lamatrics and Lamaine Coleman. I could tell that the ward really loved them and cared about them by the way they talked about them. Members in Ward Council talked about how they weren't sure where the boys had ended up, but that they thought they had moved to Western Hills ward. I left the ward after 4 transfers and never head much about the Coleman's. I was lucky enough to go back to the Cincinnati ward training a new missionary. Ward Council still was talking about the Coleman's a few times every now and then. One day we were driving to meet the Highland Heights sisters for exchanges. We stopped at UDF to get ice cream, as we usually did. While we were ordering our ice cream, the boy scooping the ice cream said "Oh hey, I used to be Mormon". I looked up at him and read his name tag and it said "Lamatrics". I talked to him briefly about his love for the Blackwelder's in the Cincinnati ward. The next Sunday I told the ward council whereabouts the UDF was, and they were confused because it wasn't anywhere near Western Hills. They then gave my companion and me the assignment to go see his grandma Mamie Parker. We had limited miles and she was very far out of our area. We weren't ever able to get a member to drive us out there and we didn't ever end up fulfilling the assignment. My companion and I got transferred away from Cincinnati, and I ended up in the Eastgate ward a few transfers later. We got a call from the Cherry Grove Sisters to go see a member in our ward whose records aren't here. The members son in the Western Hills ward told them about her. We finally were able to go and see her a few weeks after they told us. Turns out... it was Mamie Parker along with Lamatrics and Lamaine Coleman!! I had finally found them month after I had heard about them in the Cincinnati ward. It's amazing how I am the only missionary other than my companion that would've known anything about them. I really have been wondering about them for months and have always wanted to meet them. The Lord led me to them in the last place I thought  would find them! Mamie and Lamaine both came to church on Sunday as well! I am so excited to help this family progress and to teach Mamie's grandson who isn't a member yet.

Another great thing that happened this week was Melissa. We found her in the potentials list, and she has had missionaries come every year for 16 years, and so she is taking it as a sign. We taught her the Restoration on Saturday and the spirit was so strong. She said she would study and pray, and she's already started praying about it. I can tell that she has real intent. She even came to church yesterday! She almost didn't. The member we had set to give her a ride got the flu, and to make it worse we forgot our phone when we went to ward council. We ran home after before church started, and we got home at 8:40 when church starts at 9:00. That's when we saw the text from the member. We started to panic because we weren't sure who to ask. We called Melissa and turns out the members husband just decided to give her a ride despite that he would be alone with her, he just had a video call with his wife to be safe. So she was able to come to church! It was so amazing. She stayed for all of it and was so involved. At the end she said she had a lot to think about and pray about, she also expressed that she felt so welcome. It was so amazing. I really can see her progressing in the gospel.

Here are a few pictures from last week! We had a district meeting, and made a Title of Liberty and then us at a less actives house :)