Monday, November 28, 2016

Adios Little Miami!

I am leaving Little Miami, and I am staying in the Stake and going to Cherry Grove. I am going to be in a trio with Sister Gessell and Sister Lamb. They both have been companions with Sister Baker, so we will talk about her a lot ;) Sister Gessell is going home in two weeks and then it will be Sister Lamb  and I.

I loved being in Little Miami with Sister Baker. I am going to miss the people so much, members and investigators. Sister Baker taught me so much and helped me overcome a lot of trials. This transfer has been unlike any transfer and I have experienced some crazy things!

This week I went on my last exchange with Sister Coleman in Little Miami. She is headed off to Indiana! My baby is leaving her native Ohio. On exchanges Samantha Keldsen came out teaching with us! I just love her. She was with us for about 4 hours, haha :) it was such a fun night! I am going to miss her a lot.

I have been a STL the past two transfers, and now Little Miami is no longer an STL area. What they are doing now is that there is one set of STL's and ZL's per stake rather than two. Cherry Grove is now the only STL area for the stake, and so I will still be able to be an STL! I am excited to be able to go on exchanges with all the sisters. It will be crazy to do it with all the sisters in the stake, which is about 6 sets. Pray for me! Haha.

I love you all!

Sister Fultz

Monday, November 21, 2016

Amazing week!

The highlight of this week was that MARK KING GOT BAPTIZED. I taught him in Cincinnati with Sister Coleman. She and I were able to go and see him be baptized. It was so amazing! I loved being able to see people from the Cincy ward, and of course seeing Mark. There were 2 baptisms that day! A woman named Cheryl, who the elders taught, was baptized. Guess who baptized her?! STEF ROBERTS. I was so excited. When he saw me he hugged me while saying "I don't care!". He really doesn't. He's hugged me 2 times now. Oh well.

We had Zone Conference this week! Elder Hawkins (Assistant) called us the night before and asked us to do a training on asking for referrals. Eek! Speaking in front of a lot of people is not my forte, but I managed. It was fun to role play asking for referrals with Sister Baker and then watch everyone else do it. I learned a lot of different ways to ask!

The fireside we had yesterday was awesome! :) we had a less active come and she loved it! She got to talk to President Welch after. She told him how much she loves us, haha. Maybe he won't transfer us next week since she loves us so much ;) At the fireside we sang "Because I Have Been Given Much", "For the Beauty of the Earth" and "This is the Christ". Some other missionaries did other musical numbers that were really amazing.

We are teaching a lot of cool people! Nothing terribly exciting happened with anyone this week... but I am excited to continue teaching a lot of these people. Mahala is especially cool. She has such an honest desire to know the truth. We really can't push her though, and she appreciates that we are taking it slow. We gave her a Book of Mormon this week and she is excited to read it! Also Jess is doing better. Most times we have seen her, she has been intoxicated, but she is working to come off the alcohol. She continues to say crazy things when we are there, and we continue to love her. That is still all we can do for her right now. We met her boyfriend John, and he is really helping her which we are grateful for!

Exchanges with Wilmington this week! I went to Wilmington with Sister Call. I don't know her very well so it was fun to spend time with her. We went to a members house who literally lives in a barn. She fed us dinner and we got to brush her horses, and play with cats, and dogs, and chickens. It was very therapeutic and relaxing to be honest. I really loved it. Maybe I could live on a farm. But probably not.

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

Here are a few pictures from this week :)

Monday, November 14, 2016


Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well this week :)

We found 2 new investigators this week named Mahala and Brian. We met Mahala last transfer but never really taught her. I was on exchanges with Sister Peterson and I just felt like we needed to work in Morrow. It was around 10:30 when we were there and no one was home/awake/wanted to talk to us, but we kept going. We knocked on a few doors and when it was close to noon we started  walking back to our car. As we were walking we walked passed Mahalas home and she was outside  with her boyfriend Brian. We went up and talked to them and they invited us in! We were able to teach them the Restoration and commit them to church. They loved it and were excited for church and to learn more. This whole story is really cool because when we had walked her house earlier, I didn't see a car outside and decided not to knock  thinking they weren't home. God knew they were and so he made it so they would be outside when we went by! God's hand it truly is in every phase of this work. Sadly they weren't able to come to church do to a health emergency in the family, but we aren't discouraged. We know they are prepared and we are so excited to be able to teach them more!

We had a zone meeting this week. We did training's on how to rely more on God. We also did a fun little activity with a green lighter saying to keep the "greenie fire". It was pretty creative ;) I have really loved the emphasis in our mission to be more in Preach My Gospel. As I have applied that I have learned so much more about how to be effective. I've found that I am more happy and fulfilled in my work. It's like President Welch is inspired by God or something.... ;)  These passed few weeks I have just been able to feel so much love for my mission and my area specifically. I hope to stay in Little Miami a wee bit longer, like the rest of my mission ;)

It was a pretty slow week, so that's all folks!

Sister Fultz

We played in some leaves this week, and we played around with the settings on my camera :)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Hey everyone!

I taught a lot of people this week under the influence of alcohol... it was really sad. Not only is the smell horrible, but just the way that it makes people act! It's heartbreaking. We are really working to help one of our investigators break her addiction. I know that the Savior can help us through anything! Sometimes it's hard to remember that when it's such a physical  and painful addiction.

We had leadership council this week in Western Hills. Usually we carpool with the Cherry Grove sisters, and we have to leave pretty early in the morning. The CG sisters decided to ask President Welch if we could just sleepover at their apartment Thursday night. President Porter never allowed that for anything, so we thought President Welch would be the same. We didn't get our hopes up. We got a call from the sisters at around 8pm Thursday night and they told us that President had said yes! What in the world. So we got to go pack our stuff and drive to their aparjmtnet and sleepover! We didn't go to bed until about midnight, then we laid in bed talking for another hour or so. The next moring we all got ready and headed to Western Hills. It was an awesome leadership council. The Welch's have a grand baby that was born last transfer that they haven't met yet. Their son surprised them at leadership by bringing the baby! The baby's name is Timothy Benjamin Welch. Sister Welch started crying of course. They knew their son was coming and their oldest grandson, but they didn't know the little baby was coming. It was exciting :) We also ate cake and sang happy birthday to Sister Welch. Afterwards we stopped in downtown Cincinnati and got sushi for dinner with the Cherry Grove sisters and the YSA  sisters. Such a fun night! The sushi was super good too. It was funny to be "in the world" so much. People were yelling and drinking all around us as we prayed to bless our food. Such missionaries  and it's awesome!

Also at leadership I found out that Mark, from when I was in Cincinnati, is getting baptized next Saturday! He is living the word of wisdom!!!! Yay!!! So exciting.

Saturday was a day for miracles. We got out after lunch and we were heading to Morrow. We turned around the corner and there was a woman walking on the side of the road. I felt like we needed to stop the car and talk to her, but I didn't say anything. Next thing I know... Sister Baker is pulling over and saying that we needed to go talk to her! The spirit is so real. We went and talked to her. Turns out that she is going through a divorce right now and felt so alone. We were able to testify of the Savior's love, and we told her that we felt like we needed to talk to her. Now we are going to start teaching her! Grace. Miracles happen when you follow promptings. When one companion doesn't listen, He sends it to the other companion :)

We stopped  by to see an investigator, Jo, the other evening. It was pretty late and we didn't know who to see. It had been a pretty sad day and we were down in the dumps. Turns out Jo was too! So we went out to have a fire in her fire pit. It was exactly what we all needed. We read the Book of Mormon by the firelight :) A good way to end a sadish day.

So on Sunday I got sick. I threw up at 3 in the morning. It was weird because I only threw up once. I slept in in the morning (upon approval of course), and then we went to church. I didn't feel great, but I wasn't throwing up so I worked the whole day! Sunday night we had a choir rehearsal for a fireside that our mission is doing in a few weeks. It's a choir with missionaires and youth. I really don't lke singing... but I did it anyway. It was fun to see other missionaires. I found out from the Cincinnati sisters that a member from the Cincinnati ward passed away:( He was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was there. So Sad!

This transfer is going by so fast! We are already into week 4. After this transfer I will only have about 3 transfers left. WHAT. Where did the time go???? I'm not trunky I promise. :D but really though I love being here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Love you all!

Sister Fultz