Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'm Leaving Montgomery

Sister Breeze and I are both leaving Montgomery tomorrow. SO CRAZY!! Just wanted to remind everyone to send letters to the mission address, which is on my blog http://makenziefultz.blogspot.com/ 

First cool story! A few weeks ago we offered this lady who was smoking a card. When we did she got really mean and snarky and asked if we wanted to smoke. Of course we said no and she said "Didn't think so" and kept walking. Well then!! On Thursday of this past week we were walking down the street with Brittany, the Elders recent convert. We stopped to talk to this lady sitting on her porch smoking, it was the same girl from a few weeks earlier! He started talking to her and I pointed out that we had met her a few weeks prior. She then apologized for being rude. We talked to her a little more, found out that she is Agnostic, and set a time to come back and visit her! Sadly she ended up canceling, but she want to reschedule! The spirit was really working with her and preparing her. :) 

We got a member referral, but were asked not to use her name in the contact. This referral, Anna, didn't have any members or anyone we knew around her. We weren't really sure what to do. Tr acting approach? We had no idea how to do that! We usually/never knock on a door without a name.  We knocked on the door, did probably one of the most horrible approaches ever, and she still said yes! God has been preparing her! The sad part is now I won't get to see how it goes, but the new sisters will be amazing!

This week we went to the dentist. It was kinda funny because one of the hygienists knows me there. We actually a lot of them know me because most of them are members and I served in their ward in Cincinnati. Haha. But this particular woman isn't a member, and I pretty much taught her the restoration with a numb mouth a few transfers ago. She was so excited to see me! It made me feel special.  Before we left we got her to request missionaries on Mormon.org! She is totally going to get baptized. 

Explanation of the pictures... a member in the ward got us these bubble shirts as a going away present, and so we had the elders try them on :) hahaha 

That's all for now, folks! 

Love you all! 
Sister Fultz

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