Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another Week in Marion

Hello all! I hope you had a great Memorial day weekend. 

Miracle of the week: Katie and Mike Barnes! For so odd reason, President Porter had a meeting in Marion last Monday... of all places... Marion. Anyway. While we were out working, President texted us telling us to come to the church. When we got there he told us a young woman walking in looking for help. He then informed us she might be looking for money and/or high... oh President. We walk into the Relief Society room, and there is a girl sitting in there just an absolute mess. She was crying and just looked like she had a bad day. We talked to her and found out that her husband had been arrested for a car they bought from someone who had stolen it from someone else. To make matters worse, her cousin who was living with her had been putting rat poison in her and her husbands drinks. We talked to her and comforted her, and we walked her back to her apartment (across the street) and made sure she got to bed. We told her we would come back the next day, and she begged us to. She expressed to us a lot how she wanted to build positive relationships and to clean up her life. When we went back the next day, her husband was home! She actually took their truck and pawned it to bail him out. We were so happy to meet them. They are a dang cute couple. The next day we had a church tour with Katie and a member of the ward. Mike would have been there, but he was out looking for a job. Something we like to do during church tours is sing... which I can't. So I played the piano and Sister Mickelsen sang! It worked out well. Katie really felt the spirit and was so at peace in the chapel. It was an amazing experience. We showed her the baptismal font, and we extended June 18th for her to be baptized. She said yes!!! Woohoo! That Sunday she and Mike both came to church, and even stayed the whole time. Our ward just loved them. Katie and Mike are already calling it their church :') Makes a little missionary proud.

That's all for this week! Enjoy these pictures.

<3 Sister Fultz

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