Monday, July 25, 2016

10 Months Out!

Hello Everyone!

Greg this passed week dropped us, and won't be getting baptized :( he wasn't willing to live the Word of Wisdom and said he never wanted to be Mormon. He told us he was sorry for "leading us on". It was frustrating, sad, and heartbreaking all at the same time.

BUT! We have another investigator who is on date! His name is Mark King, he is blind! He is so cool. He is an "eternagator"--eternal investigator. He has been investigating since 2008! I seem to have a knack for baptizing eternagators, seeing that my one baptism was one. So I have confidence in this one! ;) He is committed to August 13th. Woohoo!

I love my zone! It's such a fun family. We had Zone meeting on Wednesday, and it was the most fun and spiritual one I have ever had! I'm blessed to be here.

Transfers are next week! I'll find out next week if I'm leaving or staying. I'm hoping I stay, and it's most likely I will stay and finish training Sister Coleman. Doesn't hurt to pray though!

I also hit my 10 month mark this week! In celebration, we went to Skyline, a Cincinnati classic.

Love ya'll!
Sister Fultz

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