Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bye Cherry Grove!

I am getting moved to Eastgate, which is right next to Cherry Grove. I am still going to be in the Cincinnati East Stake, and in the same building :) Also I am not going to be a Sister Training Leader anymore, but Sister Lamb will be mine! I am excited to still be close to her. I am going to be with Sister Winterton who is from Salt Lake! She has been out for about 6 or 7 months now.

We had an interesting week... we were supposed to go and work Wilmington (Sister Malloys area) after district meeting on Wednesday. But... Sister Lamb locked the keys to the car in the trunk. So we were stranded at the church for a few hours. The office elders said they were going to come and give us the spare, then an hour later (when they said they would be there) they called and said we needed to get a member to give us a ride to get the key. So we got a member to give us a ride 45 minutes to Western Hills, and then 45 minutes back. Then after we got into our car we had to drive 45 minutes back to Western Hills to give back the spare and then ANOTHER 45 minutes back to our area. No work happened that day. We did manage to make it out to Wilmington on Friday.

This week we went to the farm and walked ponies! Literal ponies. They were so cute! We walked them in the snow, and so it was pretty freezing. It was fun anyway! The elders were there with us and we had a good photo shoot with them. I would send pictures, but Sister Lamb forgot her camera, haha.

I am about to go into my second to last transfer of my mission! It is crazy how fast time flies by. I am hoping that I can finish my mission in Eastgate, that would be the dream. I am sure I will! Eastgate has a lot of potential, and I am excited to be a tool in the Lord's hands to change the area. I love being the Lord's servant and the chance that I have to be changed by it.

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

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