Monday, January 23, 2017

We are pro at catching mice!

Hello Friends and Family!

This week Sister Winterton got attacked by an old woman at the nursing home where we do service. It was hilarious! We were playing with a parachute flapping it up and down with balloons in the middle and I guess the lady didn't like her for whatever reason. She started hitting her pretty brutally and then she grabbed her shirt and hair and pulled her. I was sitting on the other side of the room and I couldn't get to her, so I just had to watch. The nurse turned around and yelled "Martha! Let her go!". Martha had a pretty tight grip on her so it took a second to get her off. As she was getting wheeled away in her wheelchair, she pointed her finger really angrily at Sister Winterton. Later when we walked out I saw her and she said "Don't give him anymore" while pointing her angry finger at me. Then on Sunday morning we caught a mouse in one of the sticky traps that a member gave us, and then another Sunday night. That makes 4 total that we have caught in our house since Christmas. We need a cat! I hope we don't have anymore, but I have a feeling we do. We live in a members house and all there is under it is a crawl space. Our house is coordinator is coming over today to check it out, so we might end up moving!

Chris is still MIA. The other Sisters tracted his street and couldn't find him.

One of our investigators ended up in the hospital this week for attempted suicide. She's home now, which probably isn't the best. Her grandma told us to keep going back to help her. She is such a sweet girl with just a skewed thought process. I am praying a lot for her and hope we can help her.

The weather this week was so nice! It's been warmer and we don't have any snow. It's prime missionary work weather! Although I do wish there was some snow... but I hear Utah has a lot! I'm not sure I would want to missionary in that much snow. The past two winters in Ohio have been so mild, I am blessed!

Sure love you all!

Sister Fultz

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