Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I'm on a spiritual high!

I'm a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it!


Today I went to the temple for the first time after receiving my own endowment over a month ago. I had the opportunity to go with my Grandma and Grandpa Fultz. They have done family history work and found members of our family needing temple work done. They invited me to attend the temple with them to complete the work of family members that came before me. Woot woot!

I will admit, I didn't want to go. Not because I don't enjoy the temple, but because I'm lazy. If I don't "have" to do something, I probably won't. I fought in my mind a lot about whether or not I should go. So really it was me fighting with Satan, who of course, didn't want me to go. In the end, I decided to go (so take THAT Satan!). I woke up at 7:50 this morning, threw on a dress, and went to the temple (after taking our international student, John, to school). There was an accident on the freeway, so it took a looooong time to get to bountiful! After John was thirty minutes late, I finally got him to school and made my way up the mountain to the Bountiful Temple.

When I finally got there, I fast walked into the temple where I met up with my grandparents. They had 13 family names for me to do work for. I first did baptisms, and then moved onto an endowment session.

What happens in the temple is very sacred, so I am not going to disclose anything that occurred during my time there, except for the following experience.

After all was said and done, I got to sit and the temple and think. I remembered the name of the woman I had just finished the temple work for, Elizabeth Patten. It was easy to remember because Elizabeth is a common name in my family, and then Patten sounds like pattern, ha ha ha!

Anyway, I was sitting in the temple thinking about Elizabeth and about how she must be feeling right then. I suddenly had a warm feeling go through my body, and I heard a voice talk to me saying, "Thank you so much, Makenzie. I am so grateful for the work you have done today. You are going to be a great missionary and are going to help a lot of people". That isn't exactly what was said, but that is the summary of it.

There you go. My reason for going to the temple. After today I won't ever fight about whether or not to go. Amazing things happen in the temple. I believe that is was truly Elizabeth there with me. She knew that I was feeling nervous about my upcoming mission. She offered my comfort that I will always be grateful for.

For my fellow members out there reading, GO TO THE TEMPLE. It is so worth the time you will spend there! I was there for 4 hours, and I wouldn't change a thing. The time I got to spend in the Lords sacred house better prepared me for my mission. I know this church is true, and I am so excited to start sharing it with others as a full time missionary come September 16th!

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