Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week One in the MTC

Hello All!

My laundry is drying right now, so I thought I would give everyone a play-by-play of my first week in the MTC.

Sept 16th: What a crazy day! I said see ya to my family for 18 months, and I didn't cry?! I must be heartless. Just know that I was very sad, but mostly excited! Haha. My companion is Sister Turpin from Vernal! I love her. I got to finally meet a sister that I met over facebook today too! Her name is sister Johnson. We had a class today about our purpose as missionaries. It was very eye opening. I also got to order a shirt that has my mission name on it! Hopefully it will be here soon.

Sept 17th: So yesterday we did a survery of our scripture understanding. I rated myself very low. I've never felt confident when it comes to scriptures! So today they had tutors take up and test us. When I got tested, the sister told me that I don't need any help and that I'll do just fine. In that moment I realized that because I recognized something I needed to be better at, Heavenly Father helped me! It was so awesome and amazing. So, the MTC is awesome, but I can't wait to leave! The hardest part of all of this is... NOT BEING ABLE TO NAP. I always napped at home!!

Sept 18th: The days are going by fast, yet slow. Oi vey! Today Sister Turpin and I were so blessed. She was feeling so sick this morning, and she was afraid we were going to have to stay in our room all day, so we said a prayer together. Then, the whole day she felt so much better! We were able to go to all of our classes. It was such a blessing. 

Sept 19th: Today was hard. Sis Turpin and I have been having a hard time being in sync when we plan for our practice investigators. We didn't have the spirit with us. So what did we do? PRAYED of course! We prayed that we would be able to plan together and be in sync. Well, guess what? PRAYER IS REAL. I haven't ever prayed so much in my life!!
Sept 20th: So, Sunday's in the MTC don't feel like Sundays. Just sayin! We had Sacrament meeting at 8 IN THE MORNING. I fell asleep, of course. We also had a devotional, and something crazy happened, I sang in the choir! lol what? We also watched Elder Bednar's talk: Character of Christ. CHANGED MY LIFE. Too bad for all ya'll, it's only shown in the MTC. Boo hoo.

Sept 21st: So we have something called TRC. It gives us the chance to teach an investigator multiple times during the week. We taught someone named Lucia. She was rude.... she isn't a real investigator... but she was rude! She wasn't interested in any way. Oh well. Then we taught someone named Leah, and Sis Turpin, White, Lamb and I all taught her together. SHE ISN'T A MEMBER. STRAIGHT UP. It was such a bizarre experience. Everytime we tried to teach her, she just down. So it was pretty much just social hour... ugh. We have NO idea what to teach her! BUT PRAYER IS REAL. So we'll figure it out!

Sept 22nd: P-day! Woot woot. No church clothes.. until the Temple and devotional! yay. I finally got to take a nap today too. Hallelujah

Love you all! The church is true!

Sister Fultz

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