Monday, February 22, 2016

I got sick... again!

Well hello!!

Yes, Sister Fultz got sick yesterday and didn't go to church for the first time in her whole mission! But yeah, I was throwing up in the middle of the night and then was just in pain the rest of the day. But last night we went to the church and the Elders gave us the Sacrament and gave us both blessings. It was an awesome and really funny experience. For some reason they thought only I wanted the Sacrament so they only got one piece of bread... haha what dorks! It was one of the most irreverent Sacrament experiences I have ever had. Also, the Montgomery ward is amazing!! So many of the members offered soup and whatnot. The Relief Society President brought us Chicken Noodle soup and Sprite! She's so nice. Then the member we were going to have dinner with brought it to us. So sweet! I love the Montgomery ward!

We had an FHE with a non member who is dating a member in the ward. His name is Garrett and he is dating Tasia who is one of the most amazing member missionaries of all time. So yeah we had dinner with Garrett and Tasia's family and then we had an FHE and taught the Restoration. We had to leave, but we wanted them to watch the restoration video. So we left it with them and they watched it after we left! Garrett asked a lot of questions about it and wants to meet with us again! So exciting!!!

SISTER JOHNSON GOT INTO BYU PROVO. I am so excited for her!! I always said if she didn't get in she should go to Utah State with me. I guess I'll just have to go to BYU ;)

So last week our investigator Ken told us to give him some time to think... which is kinda scary to hear. But we saw him on Saturday and he didn't drop us! There is hope! I always feel funny calling him Ken since that's my daddy's name :)

This week was interviews with President and Sister Porter. Nothing too exciting there :) I just love them! I'm going to be sad when they go home in July. It's going to be a weird change!

Nothing too exciting this week other than being sick. Woohoo! I love you all :)

Sister Fultz

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