Monday, February 8, 2016


I got transferred to Montgomery, Ohio. It is actually really close to my last area, but in a different stake. I am with SISTER JOHNSON WHO I KNEW BEFORE WE CAME OUT AND WE CAME OUT TOGETHER AND WE WERE ROOMMATES IN THE MTC AND THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE. Anyway. I freaking love Sister Johnson. OH AND GUESS WHAT. They closed the Cincinnati's really sad. President Porter said it's because there isn't enough sisters coming out right now. It's really sad... but it will be okay. President promised that sisters will be back there soon. I hope none of you guys sent anything to the Wooster Pike address... because we aren't there and no one is. Awkward! If you have anything you want to send, look on my blog for the mission home address :)

This Zone is fun! We call ourselves the Land Bountiful, and the Fam Bam :) there are 3 people in this zone that I was in the MTC with, so it's a young zone! At our zone weekly planning, our zone leaders gave all the newbies empty bullets. It was weird but super cool all at the same time, haha. I guess the bullet is our source of power and grace ;) Also at our meeting, Elder Cussworth put everyone's bag on his shoulder, he had like 10 missionary bags! He was turning red, and then purple, and then he stated to sweat. Elder Cussworth is so crazy, and he is my district leader!

This week was exhausting! I had to get to know everyone, and this ward is so much bigger than the one in Cincinnati. We have so many people that we are teaching too!!! It's really exciting. I love this ward already.

So our apartment has a fitness center and I am looooooving it! It's so awesome. We wake up at 6 instead of 630 just to get in a good workout. It's the best!

Sister Johnson and I had an awesome experience. So Sister J has this thing that we do for people called Spiritual Thought Paitings. She has a temple stamp, we paint it with water color, and then we stamp it onto paper, put a cute quote or scripture on it, and give it to someone. We were praying to know what scripture to put on one, and I felt that we needed to leave the apartment and go talk to people. I didn't know how I was going to tell her, but when we were done praying she said she thought we needed to leave. THE SPIRIT IS REAL. So we left, and we talked to someone outside. He was really rude. He had an accent, maybe from Russia? We don't know. But we were talking to him and asked where he was from and he said "Do you even care?". Super awkward. We started to tell him that God loved him and he cut us off and said he didn't want to talk to us. Sister J is really awesome at prophesying to people that one day that they will hear this message, so she is super fearless and awesome and did just that. He told us to stop talking and leave him alone. You could really tell that he isn't ready yet. I was really heartbroken. So we left him alone, and got in the car and said a prayer for him. We haven't seen him since! I hope we do and he's in a better place. After that we went to see our gator, Dakota. The other day he told us to see his friend Shawn, but he wasn't home when we went by. So Dakota (who is 16 by the way) told us to walk over to Shawn's house with him and give him cookies. So we did! It was kind of funny because Shawn had no idea what was going on. Then we walked back to Dakota's house and had a lesson! It was super awesome, and kind of weird at the same time. But none of that would have happened if we wouldn't have left our apartment when we were prompted to!!

This transfer is just going amazing. Our companionship is so awesome, we are so close and are both close to the spirit. This transfer is going to have a lot good things happen!

Oh and I just found out they are opening Cincinnati again! But not for sisters, Elders. Better than nothing I guess!

I love you all, and I want you all to know that I am loving it out here! Serving a mission was the best thing I ever did. Hope you all are doing well!

Sister Fultz
Ps I am really bad at taking pictures, and also my camera is kinda low quality. But Sister J is better at it, so I will just take some of hers ;)

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