Monday, March 14, 2016

Birthday Week

This was an awesome week, but also a really weird week.

Let me just say that as a missionary, you get a lot of fake numbers. It's really frustrating. That has happened twice this week. It's so sad and annoying!

Garrett, our investigator who is dating a member, is so awesome! We met with him on Thursday and committed him to read 1 Nephi chapters 1-5, and he did it by the time we met with him on Sunday!!! On Sunday we had dinner with him at the Meaders home (Tasia Meaders is his girlfriend). We taught part of the Plan of Salvation, AND WE PUT HIM ON DATE FOR BAPTISM ON APRIL 16TH. We are so exctied! Garrett is so golden. We just have to make sure that he is doing it for himself and not for Tasia :) 

Funny story for the week, we got a new investigator named Victor.. I will try to explain to you the conversation we had: He started telling us about how one time he did psychedelic drugs, and said that we should really consider it. Then he said that when he did it and he saw everything moving like waves, he said "AND THAT'S WHEN I KNEW THAT EVERYTHING WAS A LIE". I didn't even know what to say to him. He just started going on this rant about this government project forever ago about building towers that could control our thoughts, so those voices you hear in your head is really the government. He said that he would challenge the voices in his head, and then they would go away (I'm preeeetty sure that's just him driving the spirit away). Then he was saying that the clouds in the sky aren't really clouds, but it's this material that the government sprays to hide all the planes and UFO's fighting each other. He told us that ever since he did drugs that he can see the UFO's all the time fighting the airplanes.... lastly, when we prayed and I opened my eyes his hands were out, and I said "Oh, you pray with your hands out?" (because Stef from my last area did too). Ohhhh, but get this-- he said he prays like that because when you do, and you're really good at it, you can open portals. When Sister Johnson and I walked away we busted up laughing. Oh, and also, we are meeting with him again Friday...

IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, and thank you especially to my merm and derd for the package. It was a great birthday and my favorite fam in the ward fed us dinner! It was a fun filled day :)

This week is also my 6 month mark. Also, if any of you did not know, all missionaries who were in the MTC for only 12 days got their missions extended a week because they extended the amount of time English speaking missionaries are in the MTC. I will be coming home (not like it is any time soon) the first week of April! A week longer of serving in the Greatest Ohio Cincinnati Mission!! <3

Sister Fultz

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