Saturday, March 12, 2016

Don't Smoke Weed

This was a crazy week!

We had zone conference on Wednesday! I always love those. President Porter talked to us a lot about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was a good reminder that our testimonies are really based on those. :) It was very powerful! He also talked about how we have no right to judge because we aren't called as Judges of Israel. It was very powerful and very humbling :)

We met an awesome family this week! They were a referral from another media referral. They are so prepared! We found them on Saturday, they sadly didn't come to church, but then on Sunday we put one of them, Deja, on date for April 2nd! It was so amazing because we didn't plan on putting her on date, but the spirit prompted us to do so! She accepted!! YAY! DEJA IS GETTING BAPTIZED! We are so beyond excited :)

There in another investigator, Garrett, is mooooost likely going to get baptized this transfer :) he got approval from his parents (he is 18 but lives at home, so its just better to get their approval), and has been to church multiple times :) We just need to crack down and teach him and get his baptized! We really feel good about it and are really excited!

So our Less Active who is recovering from Marijuana addiction, got some weed this week... but he didn't smoke it! He had the courage to flush it down the toilet when we were there. He actually got it from his older brothers room... his brother no longer lives in the home. They chose to kick him out because he has no interest in changing. It was really sad but we believe it was for the best. We were so proud of our Less Active for not smoking the weed. We are sad he chose to take some, but repentance is real! 

Today we went to the Chiropractor in Dayton, Ohio, We went to President Lochinger who is in the mission presidency. He popped our necks and backs and it felt amazing! Then he told us how some missionaries were at the Air Force Museum about 20 minutes away. We said that we would love to go, and so he gave us permission! The museum is actually outside of the mission, so it was a big deal to get permission. So we went to the Air Force Museum! It was so fun. We weren't able to stay long because we had on hour drive home, but we got to look at the Cold Ward display and the missiles. I sent some awesome pictures in my previous email!

This was a fun week! We are starting week 6 of the transfer, this is a 7 week transfer as well! So transfers are on March 22nd. I think  I'll stay in Montgomery, but you never know!

This was a really exciting and busy week! This week is pretty much the same. OH GUESS WHAT. There is an Apostle coming the 19th and 20th! He was coming to talk to our Stake, but he decided to have a meeting with the missionaries as well! So we get 2 days of the Apostle. We have no idea who it is yet! We are all very excited :)

Thank you all! Sorry about emails this week, I got a little crunched for time! Hope you all have a great week!

Sister Fultz

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