Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mike is MIA


Katie Barnes is doing so well! Her husband, Mike, on the other hand... not so much. He left one day and never came back. Which is scary because he is on parole, and is supposed to be home every night by 10, and has to call every morning to find out if they are going to do a drug screening. Then on top of all of that, he is diabetic! Ugh. Katie did find out that he is out and using meth... Katie just isn't worried about it anymore, she is just taking care of herself. I feel like that is what she should do at this point, personally. She is reading the Book of Mormon! She is on 1 Nephi 3. She can feel the peace when she reads it, and knows that it is true :) We helped her clean her house this week, its so much better now. I spent a lot of the time wiping down the walls. It smelled a lot better after ;) We helped her fold all of her clothes... so many! Most of them were actually left by other people. So, another thing that proves our love to Katie is we did some of her laundry. When she was...having a relapse...she tried to wash her clothes in the bathtub. It would have worked...except she didn't dry them. So they started to mold and smell all fishy. We told her we can't do all of her laundry, but we would save her failed attempt at washing her clothes. We got them all washed and they still smelled like fish. Oh well. We tried. She was able to come to church again this week :) she is committed to coming the rest of her life. Perfect!

Funny story... our neighbor, Ruth Ann, is such a funny little woman. She totally isn't all there mentally, but we have been trying to teach her. We mostly help her with her yard work. When we have taught lessons, we will ask a question and she will just stare at us and not answer. The other day we asked her if she was going to answer, she said no and that she was ignoring us. Ruth Ann! You're like 63 and have no manners! What the heck! Anyway. She is stuck on the whole idea of authority and how you need it to be baptized for real. She said that her pastors have it. When we asked where they got it from, she said she didn't know...imagine that. We asked if it was important to her to have the authority be from Jesus Christ...she said no. She won't come to church, but she did come to a party we had at the church on Saturday. We showed her around the church with a member, and she was so rude... I couldn't handle it. I couldn't help but laugh. We were talking to her in the front and she just walked out in the middle of Sister Mickelsen's testimony. She still wont come to church. But she is reading the Book of Mormon! We'll get her soon.

The end of the transfer is next week. I really hope I get to stay in Marion! Honestly I would be surprised if I did stay... I just have that feeling. But past experiences have shown that I'm never really right about transfers. Soooo if you have anything to send to me, continue to send it to the mission home to be safe, since I don't know where I could be living next week. Love ya all lots!

Sister Fultz

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