Monday, November 21, 2016

Amazing week!

The highlight of this week was that MARK KING GOT BAPTIZED. I taught him in Cincinnati with Sister Coleman. She and I were able to go and see him be baptized. It was so amazing! I loved being able to see people from the Cincy ward, and of course seeing Mark. There were 2 baptisms that day! A woman named Cheryl, who the elders taught, was baptized. Guess who baptized her?! STEF ROBERTS. I was so excited. When he saw me he hugged me while saying "I don't care!". He really doesn't. He's hugged me 2 times now. Oh well.

We had Zone Conference this week! Elder Hawkins (Assistant) called us the night before and asked us to do a training on asking for referrals. Eek! Speaking in front of a lot of people is not my forte, but I managed. It was fun to role play asking for referrals with Sister Baker and then watch everyone else do it. I learned a lot of different ways to ask!

The fireside we had yesterday was awesome! :) we had a less active come and she loved it! She got to talk to President Welch after. She told him how much she loves us, haha. Maybe he won't transfer us next week since she loves us so much ;) At the fireside we sang "Because I Have Been Given Much", "For the Beauty of the Earth" and "This is the Christ". Some other missionaries did other musical numbers that were really amazing.

We are teaching a lot of cool people! Nothing terribly exciting happened with anyone this week... but I am excited to continue teaching a lot of these people. Mahala is especially cool. She has such an honest desire to know the truth. We really can't push her though, and she appreciates that we are taking it slow. We gave her a Book of Mormon this week and she is excited to read it! Also Jess is doing better. Most times we have seen her, she has been intoxicated, but she is working to come off the alcohol. She continues to say crazy things when we are there, and we continue to love her. That is still all we can do for her right now. We met her boyfriend John, and he is really helping her which we are grateful for!

Exchanges with Wilmington this week! I went to Wilmington with Sister Call. I don't know her very well so it was fun to spend time with her. We went to a members house who literally lives in a barn. She fed us dinner and we got to brush her horses, and play with cats, and dogs, and chickens. It was very therapeutic and relaxing to be honest. I really loved it. Maybe I could live on a farm. But probably not.

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

Here are a few pictures from this week :)

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