Monday, November 14, 2016


Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well this week :)

We found 2 new investigators this week named Mahala and Brian. We met Mahala last transfer but never really taught her. I was on exchanges with Sister Peterson and I just felt like we needed to work in Morrow. It was around 10:30 when we were there and no one was home/awake/wanted to talk to us, but we kept going. We knocked on a few doors and when it was close to noon we started  walking back to our car. As we were walking we walked passed Mahalas home and she was outside  with her boyfriend Brian. We went up and talked to them and they invited us in! We were able to teach them the Restoration and commit them to church. They loved it and were excited for church and to learn more. This whole story is really cool because when we had walked her house earlier, I didn't see a car outside and decided not to knock  thinking they weren't home. God knew they were and so he made it so they would be outside when we went by! God's hand it truly is in every phase of this work. Sadly they weren't able to come to church do to a health emergency in the family, but we aren't discouraged. We know they are prepared and we are so excited to be able to teach them more!

We had a zone meeting this week. We did training's on how to rely more on God. We also did a fun little activity with a green lighter saying to keep the "greenie fire". It was pretty creative ;) I have really loved the emphasis in our mission to be more in Preach My Gospel. As I have applied that I have learned so much more about how to be effective. I've found that I am more happy and fulfilled in my work. It's like President Welch is inspired by God or something.... ;)  These passed few weeks I have just been able to feel so much love for my mission and my area specifically. I hope to stay in Little Miami a wee bit longer, like the rest of my mission ;)

It was a pretty slow week, so that's all folks!

Sister Fultz

We played in some leaves this week, and we played around with the settings on my camera :)

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