Monday, March 20, 2017


Hello everyone! What a crazy week here in the 45244

I lost my name tag this week and I was so distruaght. I was just like "I literally have like 2 weeks left and I lost my only magnet nametag". So I called all the different places we went that day but none of them had it. That night we went to Crossroad for a church swap with Greta. While we were there the magnet of my name tag fell out of my dress, and so I took that as a sign that I would be able to find the rest of my name tag. But before we get to that part I will talk a little bit more about Crossroads. It's a really big church here in Cincinnat. It's motto is that its a church for people who have given up on church but not on God. Greta and her husband go there and they invtied us! When went on Saturday night and it was so cool! They played a really great song about how God is good and talked about how imporatant it is to have community support to help people through trials. I really liked it but I was really glad that the next day was Sunday and we had to chance to go to church ;) So the next day at church a member came up and they had my name tag! I had come off the day before when we were in the chapel and it flew under the benches so I didn't see. Hallelujah!

Melissa Metz: She came to church again!! We saw her on Saturday and she had already set up her ride! We were able to figure out where she is at right now as far as Joseph Smith and her desire to be baptized. SHE BELIEVES THAT JOSPEH SMITH WAS A PROPHET! SHE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED. I am hoping that she will be able to commit to a baptismal date in the next few weeks.

On Wednesday we got to do the combined youth activity! We talked to them about missionary life, played a game, and showed a video for them to share online. It was the best! The youth were all really involed and they really enjoyed it. I am glad we had that chance to connect more with the youth.

This was such an amazing week! I love you all :)

Sister Fultz

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