Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13th 2017

Here is an update on a few people :)

Melissa: We met with her last Saturday and went into more detail about the Plan of Salvation, it went really well! She said it goes along with what she already believes which is super cool. We also met with her on Thursday and read the Book of Mormon with her. She's been reading it here and there by herself and she has been praying to know if this is the true church and if this is the path that Heavenly Father wants her on. We saw her again Saturday and taught about the Doctrine of baptism and then she came with us to the Lynch baptism that night. Then she also came to church the next day! She is so awesome.

Greta: She is a potential that we met last week and we have been doing service for her. She is 32, works 3rd shift, is married, has a 7 month old daughter, and is in the army. She has fallen behind on a lot of projects that shes wanted to do and its really stressed her out. We have really been an answer to her prayers as we have helped her with various projects. She is the one that wants someone to help her sew, so if anyone knows how and is willing to donate their time we would really appreciate it! The other day we told her we were asking around for someone who can sew and she said "Would it help if you told them that I am considering Mormon?" then we said "Well, are you?". Her response was "Well... the Book of Mormon is still a little crazy to me". She is such a cool lady with a strong relationship with our Savior. We really think that she could progress soon as we just continue to serve her and be friends with her. Shes having us over for dinner today and then we are helping her with some more projects on Thursday!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I am now 21, and its crazy to think! I also go home in 3 weeks, which is even crazier to think! Wow, time goes by so fast when you are in the service of the Lord.

Around Christmas time Sister Peardons mom accidentaly sent her a package of toys that she meant to send to herself for the kids. So long story short we had all these kids toys in our house. We decided to give them to the Allreds, and their son Seth really like the talking baby doll, it was pretty hilarious and I had to take a picture!

I have been teaching Sister Peardon to play the piano and I tried to take a video, but as she says in the video, I caught her on a bad song, haha.

I love you all!

Sister Fultz​

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