Sunday, March 12, 2017

More Finding!

One cool thing that happened was when we tried a potential. She wasn't really interested, but she said we could walk with her and her dog and tell her about what we believe. We taught her the restoration and when we got back to her apartment she invited us in and we spoke more. At the end she still wasn't interested, but what was cool was that we were an answer to her prayers. She was trying to find answers as to what job she should take, we talked to her about it and really helped her figure it out. We also offered to help her with any projects, she was so shocked that we offered! She started crying that we were willing to help her. We are going today, even though its P-Day, to help her with a project. That night when we read PMG in companion study about going about doing good. It was cool to see that that was exactly what we did! I'm excited to help her.

On Saturday we taught our most progressing investigator Melissa. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying! We taught her the plan of salvation again to make sure she understood. It went really well and she said that it goes well with what she already believes. She is starting to think that this may be the church that Heavenly Father wants her in! She has been progressing really well even though we haven't seen her very much. This week we are going to try to see her more than once and also try to get her to a baptism that is on Saturday. 

Yesterday a member fed us and we forgot to tell her that I can't have gluten. The entire meal was gluten... so needless to say I didn't feel well after. It's confirmed that I am gluten intolerant! Woo.

I love you all!

Sister Fultz

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