Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 12-19

I'll try to have a more detailed letter since I have more time today :)

Monday (12th): Zone fun day was a lot more fun that I thought it would be. I thought I would feel awkward and left out. But I really got the chance to get to know my zone better! Even though it was a lot of fun, you could feel a lot of tension between some people. I'm not really sure why, and I'm just not gonna really worry about it. We played chair soccer. Pretty much you all stand by your chair, and you kick the ball around and try to hit people's chairs. If your chair get's hit, then you're out. When you're out, you're allowed to pick up and ball and throw it. When you're out, and you throw it and get someone else out, you're back in. At first I didn't really get engaged with the game, mostly because I wasn't sure of the rules. Once we played a few games I was up and running around trying to get the ball away from the elders. They were surprised that a sister was actually fighting for the ball! I had to be careful not to touch any of them, of course. We also had a nerf war, that was interesting! I just hid in a room and locked the door. The room I hid in smelled like pickle juice, which was weird. Then I didn't want to get attacked by elders, so I just had a sister get me out. Then I went and chilled in the gym. We tried to play this game called "spud", but no one really understood it so it was hard. When we left for zone fun day (which was about 45 minutes out of our area), we found out Sis Nielsen forgot her purse. So we had to call someone that was still at the church. The Sister Training Leaders were able to get it and meet up with us so we could get it. Woohoo! Later that night we had an appointment with a less active named Bonnie Dirr. When we got there she was asleep, so we talked to her husband. It actually turns out that he almost got baptized awhile ago until Bonnie got super sick. We asked if he still wanted to be baptized and he said yes! Then we taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong. But not he won't text us back.... we think maybe his wife doesn't want him to be baptized. We will see what happens with that this week! 

Tuesday (13th): We went to Maxine's house, and her cleaning lady was there. We got her as an investigator and set an appointment for Friday at Maxine's house! Woohoo. We met a less active today named Niela. We first thought that she wasn't a member, then she told us she was married in the temple but got a temple divorce. Sad. Later we realized that she's in our area book as a DO NOT CONTACT. Guess not. She was super sweet. She told us he birthday was going to be on Saturday. We took her cookies on Saturday and left a note saying happy birthday (she wasn't home). 

Wednesday(14th): OH! We also had district meeting today. Sister Nielsen told everyone that I can play the piano. Ugh. I don't do well playing with people singing with me. Luckily I didn't play--dodged a bullet with that one. But not Elder Nielsen and Elder Dahl keep bring it up that I can play. Haha. Oh well. Today we also fasted as a mission. It was so hard especially since we had just fasted on sunday. It was so hard not to break my fast around 3. But Heavenly Father told me that if I didn't, something great would happen! So I didn't break my fast. Woohoo! Later that night, we got to teach Anthony! We were afraid he would bail on us again. He didn't..... but he was high (I don't just think he was, he called us before he got there saying that he was smoking weed). Luckily he still does remember what we told him. He reeeeeeally wants a Book of Mormon. But President Porter doesn't want us to give them one the first lesson. In our mission we actually have the Book of Mormon lesson as the second lesson. So we didn't/couldn't give him one, and he got kinda mad. Oh well. Exact Obedience! To break our mission fast, we went to a very popular restaurant called La Rosas. Yum!

Thursday (15th): Every Thursday we do weekly planning, so we spend a lot of time in the apartment. We have to plan our whole week, make plans, make visions for our gators, and do comp inventory (when we talk about any probs we may have. we're perfect so we never have any ;) ). 

Friday (16th): ONE MONTH! I entered the MTC one month ago. Woohoo! Today we had breakfast at Ralph Sr's house with Elders: Dahl, Nielsen, Korford, Ben, Hueman, Lemeiux, Hall, and Rudd. It was a full kitchen! Luckily Ralph makes us help make breakfast. So it went by fast. Ralph's wife wanted to hear us sing our mission song, so we did that and then said a prayer. It was funny because they wanted us to hold hands during it. So I awkwardly held Elder Dahls hand. Everyone was teasing us saying they were going to tell Pres Porter on us. It was the most contact I've had with an Elder! Oh no.... I'm turning into an awkward missionary!!! hahaha. After, we went to Maxine's to teach her cleaning lady, Rhonda. It was so awesome! She said that she felt the spirit and that we explained everything really well! Every Friday we go to the nursing home and paint the old ladies nails, haha. It's actually pretty fun! The ladies are so sweet and funny. Nursing homes smell weird, and I decided to never want to be in one. Mom and Dad, I will never put you into a nursing home! So, we have a former gator we call Dirty Mike. We call him that because he gets inappropriate a lot of the time. But today we decided to go see him. Everyone deserves the Gospel!! When we talked to him it was actually really awesome. I bet he'll get baptized! He is like 35 and still lives with his mom, haha. His mom really wants him to join the church, and she is interested herself as well. Woohoo! 

Saturday (17th): We had LDS.org time today, and I watched all of the addiction recovery videos--no, I am not addicted to anything. haha! They are very interesting though. We saw Mike again today, he was a little drunk this time. But we were still able to share a scripture with him! We went to Stef's house today and talked to his ex wife that lives with him. She seemed mad that we didn't "do anything to help her". She's out of a job and has no money. She was asking us questions about what the church does to help people. I didn't really know what to say. She seemed like she was attacking us. I didn't feel good while talking to her. I've been kinda avoiding her ever since... Tonight was so fun! We went to a LA's house, Kasey Merritt. She wasn't home (she never is, she works a lot). So we just talked to her mom Debbie. We also got to play with 2 of Kasey's boys, Jayden and Anthony. It was sooo fun! I think Debbie started to trust us more after that because she invited us in! That's a big deal here in Cincinnati. She even gave us icecream! Woohoo.

Sunday (18th): Today we encountered a drunk man who at first was really nice, but when we tried to leave he got super mad. I thought he was going to try and fight us. After we finally left I felt so sick. It's so hard here sometimes.... people just look at the sisters as objects. There have been many times when I have been "checked out". It's hard!! I wish people would just back off. I AM A MISSIONARY. haha. For real! I'm not here to "play around". It's fine though. We are commanded to talk to everyone! So that's what we do, no matter what (unless the spirit tells you not to, haha). Church was awesome! One of the speakers, I swear, was for me! It was talking about how we shouldn't follow christ from a distance. Then, we went to a Jewish Synagogue to hear one of our members play the piano. After a few days of trying to see Anthony again, we finally did! We gave him the commitment lesson, which is pretty much if you don't keep our commitments and appointments, we aren't going to try anymore. It's hard, but it was needed. I think it really made him understand what we are here for! We had correlation tonight, and Elder Dahl tried to volunteer me for a musical number for our zone conf coming up. NOOOO. Ahhhhhh. Please no! So I volunteered him ;) 

Monday (19th): P DAY! (TODAY!) Today we (Elders Dahl, Nielsen, Rudd, Hall, Koford, TAyler, Ben, and Lemeiuex)went to the top of one of the tallest building downtown. It was so pretty to get to see the whole city! After, Sister Nielsen and I went to Echo park, which also has an awesome view of the city! 

I love you all! So does Jesus Christ! Remember that always ;)

Sista Fultz

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