Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 2 in Cincinnasty

(Yes, Cincinnasty)

Hello everyone!! 

I'll give a quick rundown of my mish life. Sister Nielsen and I are BFF's! We are always laughing together, and we teach well together. She is an awesome trainer and I love her dearly!

Our District Leader, Elder Dahl, is weird. He has the most monotone voice and expressionless face. It drives me nuts. I can't tell if he hates me or not. He says he loves me, but everyone says that here. He told me the other day that he is the most judgmental missionary ever. It's true. 

My zone freaking sucks. I can't stand it! We aren't unified at all. I don't even know what to do about it. Our STL's (sister training leaders) drive me BONKERS. The reason why: so we send out "zweets" to the zone, when we just tell them when something awesome happens, and we love to use hashtags. Well, Sis N and I would use #luckylipgloss, because whenever Sis N puts it on, something good happens, it's just a little joke we have. Well we get a call from the STL's telling us that when we put that it makes it seem like we're seducing out investigators.... lol what? So pretty much since "they are above us" we can't use it anymore because THEY think it seems like we're doing that. Whatever. Control freaks. They always say that they love us and they're excited to do exchanges.... lying sacks of poo. I like our Zone Leaders, though! They are super cool. I feel bad that they have to deal with our zone. 

Mission life kinda sucks in the way that when you set an appointment with someone, they rarely keep it. SOOOOO MANY of our appointments, we go to do the door and no one answers. It's so frustrating. Stef, a recent convert that I talked about, has 2 friends named Joey and Faith. We gon get them DUNKT. For sure. They have had some hard stuff happen to them this last week, and so they totally need the gospel!! The hard part it that Faith doesn't shut the freak up when you try to talk to her. BUT, we had an awesome lesson with them this week. The spirit was so strong, and they felt it too! Ahhh they are golden! I'm excited to see what happens. Except for the fact that they have some friends who are Muslim that they might move in with, and then would be out of our area. But until that happens I am keeping hope! We also taught someone named Markeith. He has been taking lessons for a long time, but he isn't progressing. He is just a super slow learner. So we taught him the restoration.... again. But it was sooo good! We used a lot of analogies, and he really understood it. He got excited as well when we told him that the gospel can make more good things happen in his life.  He will be a slow one, but he will get baptized! He already said yes, so we just have to get him there. We got a referral from the Spanish elders before I even got here to go see a girl named Nicole. They found her but couldn't teach her because she isn't in their area. So we tried by her house multiple times and no one was home. We went Thursday night again and finally she was home! She told us that she wants to talk to us, but she isn't interested in converting. Which is totally fine, because she will want to be baptized when I'm through with her. We went and saw a potential investigator named Amie, she lives next to one of my favorite members named Angela. So we went into ther house and talked with her a little bit. She told us about how she was having a hard time cleaning her house because he basement flooded. We offered to help her clean and she said sure. We helped her clean up her kids rooms. She told us how almost a year ago she was in a super bad car accident. Her son is still in therapy for it, and she has a lot of issues from it as well. I told her the story of Gabe, hoping to connect with her. She seemed to appreciate that I could somewhat understand where she was coming from. I really want to see her again and teach her. The gospel can help her a lot!

We got quite a few new investigators this week. One was named Anthony. He has a cool story of how we found him. We went to Stef's house to talk to him, but he wasn't home. Sis N said we should just sit on his porch and take a break. I was feeling super antsy and just wanted to get going. The Spirit told me just to sit there a little bit longer, there was someone we needed to talk to that wasn't ready yet. So I was just like... oh okay then. When we finally decided to leave, I was going to turn left to go back to the car, but Sis N said that going right would be faster. When we walked down the street, we met Anthony! He was barely walking to his car when we walked by him. We said hi and started talking, and he said that he had just gotten out of the hospital because of a kidney infection. 

There is a lot more to talk about, but we have a "zone fun day" today, so I'm short on time. But I love you all and I'm loving Cincinnati! Woohoo. 

Sister Fultz

p.s. we email at a members office,  and he came in and was like "let me be your sugar daddy" and then he took us to lunch. haahahha

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