Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 4 Already?

Hello all!

I'll just jump right into the week

Monday: District fun day! Went downtown. I think I talked about that in my last email.

Tuesday: Exchanges! I went to Hebron, Kentucky, and Sister Nielsen stayed here in Cincy. I was with an STL, Sister Mickelson. She is from Utah. Their apartment has a gym! I wish ours did. I would be all over that. Overall, exchanges weren't that exciting. Probably the most interesting thing was when we went to a recent converts house and played "Corn Hole". It's when you have a board with a hole in it, and you toss a sack full of corn and try to get it into the hole. We played for a good 2 hours! It was weird being in this area, it's a lot wealthier than my area. When the day was over, we met halfway between Cincy and Hebron and switched back to our companions. Yay! Back with Sister Nielsen! Haha. When we got home to do daily planning, I got to lead it. It was really hard because I don't know the area well, but that's why I do it! 

Wednesday: TEMPLE!!! We went to the Louisville Temple. It was so weird to see the temple, it's small and shares a parking lot with one of our meeting houses. But of course, like all temples, it was beautiful! It was so awesome getting the be there with my zone. Missionaries aren't allowed to drive themselves to the temple, so our ward mission leader and his wife (the Taylor's) gave us a ride. They are so awesome, I just love them. They do so much to help us. They gave us and Elder Nielsen and Dahl a ride. After they took us to dairy queen for lunch. OH! After our endowment session, the temple president talked to us in one of the sealing rooms. He told us how Salvation is the first step, and then comes Exaltation. He compared it to a two course meal. We use that analogy a lot now when teaching our recent converts ;) When we were driving home we got stuck in traffic, and sister Taylor was super tired and was getting mad at everyone you could see texting while driving. When we finally got home, we went and contacted a referral from a member. MOM! YOU WOULD LIKE HER. She worked for Mitt Romney's campaign! She's a cool lady, her name is Katherine. She said she's been interested in the church for a long time, but never really has time for the missionaries. We got her number and she said she won't really have time until December. So we'll see how that goes! I'm excited to teach her. After we went to a members house, the Gullino's. I love them! They have a son with Aspergers. His name is Aiden and he actually just barely turned 12! He's so adorable and keeps kissing Sister Nielsen's arm. He was having a bad day, so we played with him and I think it helped a lot. Bishop Blackwelder invited us to his house where they were having mutual. The watched the LDS Face to Face with the Piano Guys. Sister Taylor was there (she's a YW leader) and was like "I can't get away from you guys!" She was kidding of course, we're like her children. She taught us how to do hospital corners when making our beds! Haha. When we got home, we realized I left my scriptures at Bishops house! Woops.

Thursday: Weekly Planning day! We spend like 3 or 4 hours making plans for the next week. It's kinda everyone's least favorite day! But before we started, we went to Bishops house to get my scriptures and to teach the Doctrine of Christ. IT WAS SUCH A GOOD LESSON. The Spirit was strong, and I received so much revelation.  Thursdays always feel unproductive, because you spend almost half the day doing weekly planning. We only taught 4 lessons today and they were all with members. But the Taylors fed us, Elders Dalh, Nielsen, Lemieux and Tayler. Sister Taylor made us Navajo Taco's, then we had brownies with icecream on top (the ice cream was Graeter's ice cream, big deal here), and then we put fudge on it. SOOOO GOOD. 

Friday: We taught Mike today! It was so awesome. He told us he felt the spirit and understood the restoration very well. We invited him to the trunk or treat tomorrow. The rest of the day was alright. We had a hard time finding people to teach. At least we got to teach Mike! 

Saturday: I'm slowly learning how to live without Sister Nielsen :( Today when we e-mailed bishop and updated our spreadsheets, she had me do it so I can learn for when I have to lead our area. Boo hoo :( I don't want her to leave! Today we called 23 members to try to get them to come out and teach with us sometime in the next week... we got 4 to respond! haha. Better than none! We have 4 times during the week members are coming out to teach with us so I'm super excited for that! When a member is present in a lesson, it really helps the investigator, and it ups the chance of them getting baptized! MIKE CAME TO THE TRUNK OR TREAT! Hallelujah! He really enjoyed it and got to meet the Bishop and Brother Taylor. He said he's coming to church tomorrow as well

Sunday: Mike didn't come to church. We went at 10 to take him breakfast (I made pancakes) and have him follow us to church so he wouldn't get "lost" (darn Satan). He wasn't home. DANG IT! So we decided just to take the breakfast to Stef, a recent convert. Good thing too, he forgot it was Sunday! We decided just to back off from Mike for a few days. He hasn't been answering our calls or texts. 

MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: We had an assignment to get the phone number of one of our less actives home teachers before they moved into our ward. The husband of this less active (Bonnie) is an investigator (David), and we haven't been able to get a hold of him. Anyway, the name of the guy whose number we were supposed to get is Joe Woestman. He called us!! He tol dus that he wants us to keep working with David and that he would help. Sweet!!

This week overall was pretty hard, but I learned a lot. This week is gonna be awesome with all the members we have coming out with us as well. This is the start of week 5! Time is going by so fast.

I love you all! Agape

Sister Fultz 

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