Monday, October 5, 2015

Oh hi from Ohio!

Hello errybody!!!
I am officially in Ohio. Today is my one week anniversary of entering the mission field. Tomorrow will be my companionship anniversary ;) My comp is Sister Nielsen from Idaho! She has been out for 16 months, so I am her last companion! She "dies" here in the Cincinnati area (that is mission lingo meaning that it's her last area). So I was "born" in Cincinnati :) It's so crazy that I'm in the actual city of Cincinnati, and not in like Indiana or something. I thought I would go to Kentucky and be in some barren area. Nope! I got the city. 

So let's go over my week, shall we?

Monday: Woke up at 3:40 AM to get packed and head to the airport from the MTC. It's so funny, we got on this big tour bus, but they didn't even drive us all the way to the airport. They drove us to the frontrunner station, and pretty much sent us off to fend for ourselves. We had to take the frontrunner, with all the luggage (luggage for 21 people), and then transfer to trax in SLC, which then took us to the airport. It was so stressful. Once we got to the airport, we had to check in. My luggage was under 50 pounds! My prayers were answered. After security, we got to call home. I called my dad first, and talked to Emory and him for a few minutes. Then I called my mom (twice) and she didn't answer. I left her a voicemail of me crying... haha. Then I called my daddy back so I could get my lovely Sweden boy's phone number, and I called him even though he was at school. Lucky for me, he was with Reilly! I got to talk to John, and I guess just have Reilly hear my voice. The flight was almost 3 hours long. I sat next to Sister Feil, who is related to some people I went to Jr High with. I managed to fall asleep for a bit on the plane. When we landed and got off the plane, you could feel the humidity! Ugh. We then had to walk for like 15 minutes to get to baggage claim where I met my mission president and his wife! President and Sister Porter. I was so intimidated by the presidents assistants! They looked so old and wise, hahahahaha. Anyway. Sister Porter loves pictures, so we took like 50 I think. The Elders then helped all the sisters get their luggage, then we walked like another 10 minutes to the cars. Sister Turpin, Sister Breeze and I rode in the truck that pulled the trailer with our stuff. That was fun! We rode with two assistants to the president, Elder Seegmiller (From Kaysville! Also is home now) and Elder Pope (no idea where he is from). Elder Seegmiller drove, and I feared for my life. I'll skip all the dinner and mission home stuff and get to the cool part. Elder Seegmiller and Pope had all the sisters pile into the van later that night. Unfortunately Elder Seeghmiller drove again. They just randomly (at least that's how it felt) drove us around. Then they stopped and read D&C 60:6-- go read it NOW! The Elders told us to think about how we were called here by God to serve. Then we started driving even faster and crazier! They turned on the song that plays in the Because of Him video. LOVE THAT SONG. They turned it ALL the way up. We drove up this hill, and the music was so awesome, the spirit was just screaming in my head that this was going to be the best 18 months of my life.... and then...... BAM!!!!!!!!!!! The Cincinnati skyline!! (bet you thought we crashed... nope! God is looking out for us) It was SO BEAUTIFUL! It brought me to tears. The viewpoint is called like Echo Park of something. Ahhhh it was so awesome! Something I will never forget.

Tuesday: Transfers! I got my trainer, as I said, Sister Nielsen! It was raining super hard as we got my suitcases and took them to a members car. We both fell asleep in the way to the members home! Missionaries aren't allowed to drive themselves to transfer meetings, BTW. When we got to her house, we put my stuff into our mission car and went to our apartment. I got to experience the classic missionary backing out thing. It's annoying (whoever isn't driving has to get out and direct the driver when they back out). So we got to the apartment and ate. Then we were off! Right into the work. I mostly just got to meet members that day.

Well, I honestly can't remember what I did day to day. They all mesh together. So I'll just talk about my favorite people:

Stef Roberts: He got baptized about 2 weeks ago. He called God Yahweh.... and he thinks that he's a prophet or something. He is also a "provert"-- professional pervert. But as time has gone on, he has been a lot better. He just needs to think before he speaks. He is going to pass the sacrament next Sunday, and he also really enjoyed conference!

Roberta: Potential Investigator. I don't know why I like her. I just have a good feeling about her.

Omartion: He's a 13 year old kiddo. He started talking to us when we walked by him waiting at the bus stop. We made an appointment to see him the next day. When we saw him, we had a member, Abby Tensmeyer, with us. We tried to teach the restoration, but that freaking brat won't sit down and shut up!

Joey and Faith: Friends of Stef. Had a lot of crap happen to them. They got robbed the other night, and Joey got beat up a few months ago in Atlanta. They went to conference on Sunday with Stef! They both liked it. Faith is freaking annoying. We tried to teach the restoration, and she kept interrupting to talk about her freaking kids. But on the other hand, Joey seems really interested. I think we'll baptize him before Faith. 

Maxine: Member. Old. Grumpy. Always complains. But she does our laundry and feeds us, so it's good. She is so opinionated. She will tell you what she thinks no matter how mean. She said she wishes she was dead.... awkward. We told the story of Job one night and told her to be grateful for what she has. She didn't seem happy!! Hahaha. She has a little Cocker Spaniel or something, named Charlie. He is so old, just like her. But he's nicer and cuter. We decided that we are going to start reading the BOM with her three times a week. 

Bro and Sis Taylor: Bro Taylor is the Ward Mission Leader. He is so smart! He knows how to actually help us too. I guess the last leader didn't help much. His wife is so sweet too. They ahve the cutest little (big) house. Sis Nielsen wants them to be her in laws. She doesn't even know their son because he's on a mission, but she doesn't care. Sis Nielsen is cray cray.

We have a lot of less actives in our ward. If every less active was active, we would have to split into like 3 wards. It's the bishops vision to have that happen.

My area, Cincinnati, is funny. One area is super ghetto, and then another is super nice. We spend a lot of time in a place called Madisonville (Ghetto....). This is going to sound horrible, but if a white person opens the door, I get super sad. They are so mean here! If you want to talk to anyone about God, it has to be a black person.... sad. Oh well! The rich area of Cincinnati is called Indian Hill. DANG. Those houses are nice! 

SO MANY TREES. NO MOUNTAINS. ONLY HILLS. All the trees gets kinda creepy at night. There are squirrels everywhere! Also the bugs here are bad. 

Well I don't really know what to tell ya'll.... I'm doing well! I feel like I've been here forever, but I haven't even been out for a month yet! I hear after 3 months, it'll go by super fast. We'll see!

I guess I'll share a scripture: We are reading the BOM as a mission, so we read 5 pages a day. Right now we are in Mosiah. Mosiah 7:33 "But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart,. and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage." BOOM. 

I have developed such a greater appreciation for prayer. IT IS SO REAL. I pray like, no joke, 20 times a day at least. We do personal prayer in the morning, then companionshp, then personal, then personal again, then comp, then comp again. Then you bless your breakfast, then we pray before we leave, we pray every time we get out of the car, during lessons, opening and closing prayer during planning, personal before bed, and comp before bed. OH MAN. That doesn't even count the prayers we say during conference calls with our district and zone. 

I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON. Fo' real. If you haven't read it, please do! Also, if you read the Bible, the Bible proves of the Book of Mormon! So if you doubt the BOM, first, read it. Then read it with the Bible. You will believe! Trust me.

I challenge you all to pray to know what may be stopping you from progressing closer to our Savior and Heavenly Father. We should be striving everyday to be true disciples of Christ. 

I love you all! Please e-mail me!! 

 $ister Fultzzzzzz (I put all the Z's because I need more sleep) 

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