Monday, January 4, 2016

Pretty Slow Week

First off, I had the best new years ever! You may ask, how can a missionary have a good new years when they aren't even allowed outside? Well, I will tell you how!
Once upon a time, in the Greatest Ohio Cincinnati Mission, Sister Fultz and Sister Lane were talking to their District Leader, Elder Holman. He was talking about how we have the stay in our apartments for about 36 hours. Sister Fultz and Sister Lane were so confused! They thought that we only had to stay in from New Years Eve at 6 to New Years Day at 12... but nope! They had to stay in from NYE at 6, to January 2nd at 12!! They thought to themselves, what are we going to do that whole time? They decided that their amazing mission president, President Porter, would have a great packet for them to study all day. When it came time to go inside, they opened the first letter given to them from PP, and it said to clean their apartment for 2 hours. Sister Fultz was happy about that! After cleaning their apartment, they read a short talk and then went to bed with instructions to open the 6th letter in the morning. The next morning they woke up, said their prayers, and opened the letter...there weren't any talks to study...just the simple instructions to... read the entire Book of Mormon in 16 hours (6:30 AM- 10:30 PM). HOLY COW. So, they started to read as fast as they could. In order to read all 531 pages, they would need to read 33 pages each hour...harder than it sounds. But nonetheless, they conquered it.
My eyes still hurt! But it was truly an amazing experience to spend my entire day reading the Book of Mormon and have the chance to increase my understanding of it. While I do not recommend you all read it in 16 hours, I do recommend that you, just once, read it as quickly as you can. It helps you get just the basic story line (for lack of a better term), and gives a good foundation for you to later go through and read it more deeply. I know that the Book of Mormon is true!!
Still no snow here in the Great Ohio! Only rain. Wonder how long that will last.
This week I tried Skyline for the first time. I got a cheese coney (chili cheese dog with mustard and onions). SO GOOD. I loved it.
Carla's (one of our gators) dad asked us to stop coming, and that Carla wasn't interested. We are sure how true that is, but there isn't much we can do! I'm very sad about it, I loved Carla very much. We are hoping that she will text or call us soon.
Jo is back on date of baptism! He fell off date due to his back surgery. He told us his back is better and he is ready for baptism! So we committed him to January 30th.
We were at our bishops house, and his daughter came in telling us she backed into our car...woops! Just a little scratch though, most of the damage was to their car. We still had to file an accident report. Oh well.

That's all for now, folks! It was a slow week, but I am excited to see what happens this week!
Love you all! This church is so true.
Sister Fultz

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