Monday, January 25, 2016

My First Baptism!

Well hello everyone!

This Wednesday is going to be my first baptism. His name is Bob Miller (our Eternagator). We taught him all the discussions in 2 hours, just to make sure he understood everything. Obviously he did since he's been investigating for 12 years... but yeah! It is on Wednesday at 7pm. I am excited! It definitely isn't a typical baptism. We aren't really involved in it, which is good! But it's not what I expected my first baptism to be. But hey! A baptism is a baptism.

We met with Scott twice this week. He is doing really well! He is a little slow to understand, so we need to slow down with our teaching so that he can soak it all in. He sadly didn't come to church on Sunday. I have faith in him though! He is super solid.

We kind of dropped Jo. He wasn't taking it seriously and wouldn't even try to live the WOW. We still see him, but we are working more with Lori, a less active who Jo lives with. She wants to go to the Temple, so we are helping her with that :) We hope that Jo will come around soon.

We had a missionary broadcast on Wednesday. They went over all the basics of missionary work. It was a good reminder, but kind of boring! Sister Lane made cookies for everyone, and they were happy about that! Also, I made stew this week and our Zone Leaders wanted some, and we gave them some, and they loved it. They wouldn't stop talking about it. Then I made more a few days later and gave them more. Those poor Elders are starving half the time. No one in their ward feeds them. They get fed 1 time a week if they're lucky...

I like Salmon now! There are some members who feed it to us every time we go over for dinner. Haha. I guess I've been forced to like it.

Next week are transfers, and I really do not want to get transferred! I love this area and my companion :( I have been here for 4 months, and I know it's not for sure that I'm leaving, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Friday we had a workshop. When we were about to start our meeting, the power went out! We continued the meeting with the light from our phones, and eventually the power did come on. It was funny and an adventure! The workshop was going over "The Program" and "The Baptism Quadrant". Those are both things I wasn't ever really trained on, so I really enjoyed the meeting!

I have been reading Doctrine and Covenants the past few weeks. Man! It is so good. I love being able to read about the church being formed and about all the Revelation that was received.

We have a less active, Doris Hallums Cook. We had dinner with her. We shared a scripture about church. It was SO AWESOME, because it wasn't the scripture we planned on sharing. When I went to go to it, I couldn't find it. Then I saw this scripture and felt prompted to share it, and it was exactly what she needed. It was amazing and the spirit was so strong. She wants to come to church, but she was raised to always follow her husband no matter what, and her husband isn't a member. She misses coming to our church and knows that it is the one true church. She was telling us that she wouldn't ever want anyone to live like she does. It broke my heart. We are working with her to help her have the courage to invite her husband to our church. She wasn't able to come to church yesterday, so she is planning on coming next week. We are seeing her again tonight :)

I love listening to radio. It's approved since it's through the church, and sometimes they play more "wordly" songs...hahahahaha. Like right now "In My Daughters Eyes" is playing right now. Woohoo! The other day they played "Concrete Angel" too. I really enjoyed that. :D

Maxine, a member, is having a hard time right now. Her dog, Charlie, has cancer for the 2nd time, and she doesn't have the money to get it removed. He is also really old, so it's pretty much not worth it. She is going to have to put him down, and we offered to go with her when she does it. Very sad :( She says she'll get another dog. She is 87 and lives alone...she needs a dog.

Not a terribly exciting week, but a good week nonetheless! Missionary work is always good :D

I love you all! Hope all is well :)

Sister Fultz

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