Monday, January 18, 2016


What an interesting week!

So, I got to buy 2 e-cigarettes this week :) one for a gator, Jo, getting ready for baptism, and his girlfriend Lori, who is a less active. Woohoo! It was kind of funny...two Mormon missionaries buying e-cigarettes...oh my. They are both using them, Lori more than Jo. Lori decided to make it a goal to go to the Temple with her daughter, Jaydenly, and do family name baptisms. I was so proud! She came to that idea herself. Jo is...not getting baptized on the 30th anymore because he drank beer and smoked a cigarette. Bummer. We are still working with him and are going to help him quit drinking.

Highlight of the week was on Sunday we had a prompting to go to the Tensmeyers (members). So we did the only logical thing and went! They gave us a referral a few weeks ago, but it never really went anywhere. When we got there, Sister Tensmeyer said "I'll text Scott and see if he wants to come over for a lesson since you're here." She did, and he came!!!!!! It was just so dang awesome. Scott got there, and we taught the Restoration with Brother and Sister Tensmeyer. It was one of the best lessons I have ever taught, and the spirit was so darn strong! Considering we didn't have anytime to prep a lesson or tell the members what was going to happen. We have been trained to ward members of certain things we will say, such as extending baptism the first lesson. We also like to set them up for opportunities to bear testimony. The Tensmeyers rocked it! They were so in tune with the spirit, and they bore amazing testimonies. In our lesson we do something called BDAW, to help teach the Spirit. Before During After Warning. We share a scripture that talks about the spirit. Then we point out the Spirit during the lesson, and then we talk about it after. The warning is just warning them about the opposition they will face because Satan knows this church is true and he wants us all to be miserable like him. They helped with BDAW without even knowing about it. Sister Tensmeyer shared an awesome warning scripture that just brought it all home. Scott also said yes to baptism. We are seeing him again tonight at the Tensmeyers. So that is what we call a "New investigator, member present, member home, member referral contacted in a member home, and extension with a return appointment" NIMP MH RCMG EXT RA. Just so you can get an idea of how awesome it is not only because it was an awesome lesson, but it  looks really good when we report our numbers ;) Scott is seriously so awesome! He is going through a really hard time and is looking for guidance. I hope I don't get transferred.

Transfers are February 2nd. So if any of you are wanting to send me anything, do it soon and send it directly to my apartment (you can get it from my parents). But if you don't send it soon, send it to the mission home. Just in case any of you decide to send some love :) ALSO, I LOVE GETTING HAND WRITTEN LETTERS. You really have no idea how awesome it is for a missionary to get hand written letters.

It's mighty cold here, so our car wouldn't start yesterday morning or this morning. Luckily we had people who could jump start our car, and we got a new battery today. Woot woot!

We are meeting with our Eternagator (Eternal Investigator) with our Bishop and Mission Leader. We are going to set a day for him to get baptized!! We are so excited. We may even do it THIS SATURDAY. Or next. Hopefully this Saturday. I would love that, and he would be my first baptism!

We had specialized training on Friday. It went from 9-6. It was an intense day. President and Sister Porter talked about having power with us every single day, and how to get it an keep it. We as missionaries often "dip our toes in" when it comes to real power, and so they talked about just "diving into" it. It was a really amazing and spirit filled day. I managed to stay awake the whole time as well. During it we watched a video of a boy with Autism who managed the boys basketball team, and got to play in a game. It was one of the best and most touching videos ever. I cried, naturally. Made me think of my "bumbalee" or "bagagee" back at home. I love my Reilly!

The snow didn't last very long, it already melted. Laaaame.

Fun Fact: Sister Lane likes to rub feet. You can imagine that I take full advantage of that!! I seriously love my companion. She and I are a good team!

I love you all! Thanks for the support.

Sister Fultz

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