Monday, June 20, 2016

Back in the Nati

I hope all the amazing fathers who see my emails had a great Fathers day... especially my daddy-o!

I have returned to my birthplace of Cincinnati!!!! I live in the same apartment, with the same car, and the same ward. It's crazy! I always said I would love to come back here when they decided to put Sisters back, I just never thought it would really happen! My greenie/baby is Sister Coleman, and she is from Farmington, New Mexico. What are the odds??? Haha we laughed so hard when we found that out. It was hard to leave Marion, but once i found out i was going "home" , i couldn't help but be excited. When they read it over the call, I fell to the ground and couldn't breathe! Then to make it all better, Sister Johnson, my comp, from a few transfer ago, is my Sister Training Leader!!! This is going to be great 2 transfers of training.

More exciting news, after the New Missionary Training, my BFF (Elder Bluth, haha) called and asked if we would like to get a mini missionary...duh! So we have Sister Joseph with us now :) She is from Hamilton, Ohio and will be with us until Saturday. She's pretty cute.

When we got here on Tuesday, we didn't have much to go off of. The area book hadn't been updated in a while. That made it a little hard to get the work going. But we did well this week nonetheless. We were able to find people that were being taught and find some new people ourselves to teach. I know that God was leading us to the people we needed to find. I love that feeling.

We do have one investigator that I really love, Greg Pullem. He is a character. Before we met him, he called us every night at 10:15, so we couldn't answer. He always left us a voicemail about how great God is and how love is powerful. They always made us smile. When we did get to meet him, he was just like he sounded in his voicemail's. I just love him already! When we extended baptism, he went on a rant that ended with "I guess I wouldn't mind being baptized again"....okay cool! So next time we see him we are going to extend a baptisimal date. Woohoo!

We have mass amounts of Ramen in our apartment... thank you Elders!

Sister Coleman is just awesome. She went out teaching a lot in her YSA ward, so she is pretty easy to train ;) my job is to make her uncomfortable, and she told me that I've been doing a good job! Off to a great start. I just love her so much and she is just ready to teach and change lives. She has got that "greenie" fire!

It's trippy to be in the same area, but it's all so different. I love this area and am excited to see it change even more for the better. Love you all! Talk to you next week.

Sister Fultz

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