Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Leaving Marion, training a new missionary

I am leaving sad. But the exciting thing is... I will be training a new missionary! Woohoo! I am going to be a mom! President Porter called me this morning and asked me a few questions like if I woke up every morning at 6:30, started with a prayer, and a bunch of other obedience questions. Luckily for me, I am obedient ;) He told me that the Lord has called me to train a new missionary and that a trainer is the most trusted calling. I will change this Sister mission, and her life. The pressure is on! President then told me that he needs me to be loving, bold, and that I need to baptize... oh dang. I've only had one baptism my whole mission! I am pretty nervous, but the Lord's hand is in his work, and I am lucky to be a part of it.

Katie Barnes... dropped off the face of the Earth...and when we did see her, she was with her husband who is MIA. We stopped to talk to them and they didn't seem happy to see us. They made up an excuse and walked away. I guess they dropped us? We are really sad about it. When we talked to President Porter about it, he told us that she was discouraged because she wanted all her problems to go away all at once. Obviously that didn't happen, and so now she is angry and frustrated. Makes sense!

A few weeks ago we found the Johnson family. We couldn't really get in contact with them though:( We decided to stop by and set a time to come back. Luckily we caught them! They told us to come back that Saturday. When we got there, we woke them up, haha! But they did get up and we taught the Restoration. We invited them to church, and it was funny because they were making it sound like they wouldn't be able to make it. So of course we asked what we could do to help them come. Tavarius, the boyfriend, then said "Okay y'all, bottom line is they want us to come to church. Now are we gonna go?" PREACH MAN. He was so inspirtational that they all said they could come. Woohoo! So Sunday comes, and we are in Sacrament, and they aren't there! We even went that morning to wake them up! Oi vey. But wait... while we are singing the closing hymn...they all walk in in a line, and there are the perfect amount of seats for them to sit in. It was hilarious. When we said the prayer and everyone got up, they were really confused. They thought they were walking into the beginning of the second service....they thought we had more than one service! Hahaha. No... we do not. We had even told them that morning. But hey! They came and stayed for classes and they loved it! Miracles.

Sister Fultz

OH. This week is my hump day. I am halfway done with my mission :(

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