Monday, August 15, 2016

"Both Sides. 2 Butts" -Bette Hopkins at dinner

Yes... "Both Sides. 2 Butts". Interesting conversations happen at the Hopkin home. We were talking about making homegrown cucumbers less bitter, because their cucumbers were very much bitter. Bette, their daughter who just got home from her mission in Holland, said that if you cut off the butt and rub it on the cucumber, it helps it to be less bitter. So I, in all my sassiness, asked which side was the butt. Thus the quote of the week was spoken, "Both sides. 2 butts."

Mark King is progressing towards baptism on August 27th. It was the 20th, then he had a slip up with the Word of Wisdom. Darn tea and cigarettes. His biggest strugglke with smoing is that he's bored all day, and smoking is somrthing he can do easily without needing to see anything. We are going to try this week to find him a job that he can do despite his disability. We hope it will help him get out of the house and be able to fuly overcome his addictions. Mark is the hardest man to read... you can never tell what he is feeling, and he doesn't say much either. Grrrrrr. We are working on this wall of a man.

We have a newer investigator, Lisa Pope. She ended up on the website, and requested missionaries to come and visit her. When we got to her address, it was a nursing home. We didn't have a room number! So we had to go on a hunt for a Lisa, because we nly had a first name. Luckily she was the only Lisa! She is there for skilled nursing (I guess that ujs what her therapy is called?). She is 46 and her body is deteriorating, she has COPD and she  has congestive heart failure. She has a lot going on. She told us she was tired of jumping from church to church. We are excited to teach her during these next few weeks. She is so remarkable. She reads anything we give her, she prays, and she already knows that Jospeh Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration. Woohoo!

I got a haircut this week! It was much needed. I had 2 inches of dead hair taken off, got my bang cut, and got layers. It looks much better. All in time for zone conference this week and our visit with a general authority next week :)

This past week we had district meeting! It's funny because Sister Coleman and I are  the only sisters in the district. But anyway. At the end we were singing the mission song as always, and the elders started doing the can-can during it. It was the best.

Exchanges were on Friday. I went to Highland Heights, Kentucky with Sister Iketau. It was a... strange exchange. We went to a mens group home where a member works. While there we goit asked if we were single, if we would call one of their moms, and then one of them told us he was a rap star. Later that day we went and saw a recent convert who sang us a verrrrrrrry interesting song. "Maaaaaaaaaaaaster, YESHUA. JESUS." That's how he would sing it. It was a very eventful day in Kentucky (where I still haven't served by the way).

I had a stupid moment this week. Surprised I didn't have more. I forgot to set the alarm on Saturday night for Sunday morning. I got distracted with changing all of our ringtones. So consequently... we woke up at 7:30, right when we needed to be leaving. We got ready pretty fast, grabbed some cookies to give to Mark, and ran out the door. We were only about 15 minutes late for ward council! I was more tired after an extra hour of sleep,  haha! I was pretty mad at myself for a few hours, then I got over it. It was still a good day even though it started late.

Great week. Great area. Great companion.

Sister Fultz

 Pretty lookout in Mariemount
 Chickens in a members yard, they are their chickens
 My army of elephants is growing! The most recent one is a letter from Sister Mower :)
 Cicada in the church this morning!
 My haircut! I got a free facial with it too ;)
My bandage with tractors on it. I got my finger this week.

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