Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I went to the Zoo today!

Sup ya'll! I went to the zoo today! The zone has been freaking out about it all week. We were super excited to go. We were making  animal jokes al the gosh darn week and I loved it. I got to see my favrite animal, the elephant. In honor I wore my elephant necklace, and also my earrings (thanks to Kristen). I wore an elephant bracelet too... but Elder Walker stole it from me. In honor of going to the zoo, I got an elephant made out of pop cans. Its so cool! I named it Sabu, after the elephant at the zoo.

A member from one of the other wards got us in for 9 dollars instead of 18 too :) blessed! The weather wasn't too terribly hot and humid luckily The worst part of today was that we had to take our car to get fixed after the zoo. We are finally getting our air conditioning gixed .So we had to drop it off, and then walk up this pretty steep hill u to the library to email. Very hot. But we nade it!

So this past week! It was great. Mark is stil working towards being baptized on the 27th. He is such a dork, always making blind jokes. We are going to set up a service project in the ward to go help him clean his apartment. It's hard to clean when you're blind, so I think he'll aprreciate the helkp. He's been doing realy well with not drinking tea. We got him herbal tea and he's been drinking that. He went a whole week without smoking, and then smoked one on Saturday. We didn't want him to feelk we were mad about it, so we just told him that he's made a lot of progress and that we know he can do it. It's pretty cool he only smoked one, when usually he smokes about 10 a day. Yay for progress!

Something that I have started doing is reading the Bible everyday. Which I have never done. I made a goal to read the whole thing. At first I wanted to do it before the end of my mission, but I don't think I'll be able to do it before April :P Oh well. I have been able to learn so muh more about it! I never realzied how little I knew until i started reading it. I love being able to read it along side of the Book of Mormon. Sister Coleman and I made a goal to read the whole Book of Mormon before the end of the transfer :) If we read 8 pages a day we can do it! So far we are on track. In the Bible, I'm still in Exodus, so you can see why I won't be able to finish it by April ;)

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

Pictures from the zoo today and also with the Elders at our meeting in the park yesterday :)

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