Monday, August 1, 2016

Tea is a hard one to give up


Our investigator, Mark King, isn't on date for baptism anymore D: He smoked, and drank tea and alcohol. It was sad, but we are still teaching him! We are going to extend August 27th as another goal for baptism. Our mission requires investigators to live the Word of Wisdom fully for 2 weeks before baptism, so we are going to be working hard with Mark! His hardest thing is the tea, he loves loves loves it. So we got him some herbal tea today to replace it. its going to be hard, because he goes to a cafe everyday that just gives him iced tea for free without asking him. We are going to have to practice saying no with him ;)

it's still hot here, and our air conditioning went out this week, and we haven't been able to get it fixed yet. The other day there was a down pour, and we didn't have any air to defog our windows. that was scary to say the least. We didn't have to drive far to get him thank goodness. Then to make matters worse, our road was super mega flooded. Our car pretty much became a boat, and when cars in the other lane would pass us, they would makes waves and the waves would hit our car and make us wobble. Hydro planning to the max. We made it home and the water was all gone the next morning. I also got a sun burn this week on my neck, classic Sister Fultz over here. We were running low on our mile limit for the month, so lots of walking occurred to save miles as much as possible. We succeeded! I keep telling our vehicle coordinator we need a new car. Ours is a 2014, which is considered old ;) so spoiled.

Funny story of the week, I saw one of our less active sisters shirtless. That made for an exciting day. Right after that we heard lots of F words being dropped as she and her boyfriend argued about tobacco. Oi vey. I decided this week that I came back to Cincinnati because not many sisters could handle this area. when we were at the same less actives house, she was being harassed by her NOW EX BOYFRIEND (so she says) to let him in the house. So we went over, and when someone knocked on the door because she knew I could handle it and take care of business. Luckily it was just Stef coming from down the street to help. Oh how  I love Madisonville.

Our porch at our apartment got really gross over the months. We are in the basement, so all the leaves from the trees and dirt from above porches end up in ours. During studies, Sister Coleman looked out and saw a frog! We went out and there were about 6 frogs, and they had no way to get out of our porch. So I took the time to catch all six of them and set them free :)

Love ya all!

Sister Fultz

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