Monday, October 24, 2016

Lovin' Little Miami!

What an amazing week. We have some really amazing people that we are working with. First off we have Jessica Johnson. She was found a few months ago and has recently made a lot of progress. She is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for almost a week. Before her most recent slip up she was sober for about 40 days. She is a single mom with a 2 1/2 year old son. She is committed to being baptized November 19th. She is on the 3rd chapter of the Book of Mormon and is praying every day. Jess, as she likes to be called, hasn't been to church yet due to some medical issues and anxieties. Our ward mission leader and assistant ward mission leader went this last Sunday and gave her a Priesthood blessing. She loved it and she felt the spirit.

Ling Lin! Our Chinese Investigator :) He has been reading a few chapters in the Book of Mormon that we have assigned him and is now going to start from the beginning. He didn't come to church because he overslept. We have had two awesome lessons with him in a members home who can speak Mandarin. This last lesson, the member said that the spirit had spoken to him during the lesson. Ling, surprised, said "Oh he already spoke to you?". It was funny and amazing to see the excitement in his eyes when he learned about the spirit and how it can speak to him.

Last week I talked about Edith... shes gone now. She called us and said she was too busy to meet with us. Silly lady. Oh well!

Funny story: after Ling's lesson, Sister Baker was really excited. She was dancing in the car when suddenly she made a sound like she was choking. She was moving too much that her seat belt locked and it choked her... I couldn't stop laughing. We always have a lot of funny moments. I really love her.

Remember Greg? Yeah he's still creepy. This last week he said that he prayed for a connection... not a connection with God... but for a connection with Sister Fultz (Me). Awkward! So we had to laydown the law (a few times) and tell him to stop calling us and that we can't talk to him anymore. He called us a few times that day and once on Sunday. We've been ignoring his calls. Hopefully he'll get the message. We were pretty blunt with him. We're pretty sure he was intoxicated though, so he probably won't remember. As long as we don't answer his calls I think we'll be fine!

Love you all!!

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