Monday, December 19, 2016

Bye Gressell :(

What a crazy week!

Sister Gressell is officially home in Idaho! That was weird to send a companion off in the middle of a transfer. Our apartment feels so empty without her.

Wednesday we had zone meeting. Our zone is so big... we have 14 companionships! Then we also had the Senior Sisters join us. It was a big meeting! We were able to do training's on planning, working with members, and simplified teaching. It turned out to be a really great meeting. Afterwards we went to a chicken joint called "Raising Canes". They have the best chicken!

We were able to have dinner with Myles and his parents on Wednesday night! That was so fun, they have a beautiful home. They asked a lot of questions about missionary work and what we do. His mom made really good soup :) I don't think they are really interested, but they are very kind and enjoy our company. It will be good to at least have a good relationship with them!

With the holiday season it has been really difficult to get in with people to teach them. We did manage to see a few less actives this week, and we got 3 referrals for some people that I am really excited to meet and teach! One of them was from the sisters in the Colorado mission, and the other 2 was for some family members of a less active. Working through referrals is one of my favorite ways to find new people to teach!

On Saturday night we had the change to Christmas concert for our stake at a Methodist church in my old area! It was in Indian Hill which is in the Cincinnati ward. It was the best to see some of my old friends in past wards, and to hear such amazing music about Christ. The music was so incredibly beautiful!!!

CHRISTMAS IS THIS WEEK!! I am so excited to be able to talk to my family. On Christmas we are asked to not do much missionary work, which is really depressing. We are only allowed to go places where we have been invited, and we can't stay for long. We will spend a lot of time that day watching training videos. Woohoo! Merry Christmas everyone.

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

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