Monday, December 12, 2016

Myles was baptized!

What an amazing week!! Myles was baptized and confirmed this weekend. When he came out of the water he couldn't stopped smiling. He bore his testimony of how grateful he was that he found the gospel and the happiness that he has felt in it. His mother, father, grandfather and grandmother all came. His mom was very touched and shed a few tears during the service. You could tell though that his grandma and grandpa did not approve--they are devout Catholic. Afterwards his family took us out to eat! We were able to laugh with them and get to know them better while in the process answering a few doctrinal questions. They are truly such amazing people with great faith. His mom is hilarious! She acts so young and "hip" and she just loved us. We gave them our number and they invited us to come over this Wednesday! They expressed their gratitude to us for helping Myles to find happiness and believe in God again. Despite the difference in religion, we were all able to rejoice with Myles in his life changing experience. Sadly his family didn't come see him confirmed as they "had to go to their own church" as Myles said. When he was confirmed was a touching moment. The blessing involved basic principles of the gospel and gentle reminders to do the little things. He has amazing fellowship in the ward and a lot of support. Everyone comes up and talks to him every Sunday and really gets to know him. The man that Myles asked to confirm him was someone he had only met once, and yet he left an impression on him to the point he wanted him to be a part of an amazing experience.

To go along with the experience of Myles being confirmed, during one of the talks a member tapped us on the shoulder telling us some of our friends were out in the foyer. We had invited one of our friends, Jeishere, to come to church. We had no way to contact her that morning as her phone was off. We figured she wasn't coming when the meeting started. When we went out into the foyer it was her and her friend Desseray! They were able to listen to the last bit of the talk and went to gospel principles. It was interesting to talk to about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in Gospel Principles. We are seeing them on Tuesday! :)

Our Sunday ended up having no work involved. Elder Verdoni, one of the assistants, asked us to go to a multi faith fireside to sing in the missionary choir. We got to drive all the way to Northern Kentucky to the Buttermilk Pike Building. I used to go to that building all time when I was in Cincinnati, it brought back old memories! We sang a few Christmas songs and This is the Christ. It was a fun night with uplifting messages and music and I am so glad that we were invited to go. It was great for Sister Gessell to be able to say goodbye to a few missionaries before she goes home this week. It was raining on our way home, and it was so beautiful to go through the city and see the lights with all the rain. I love Cincinnati so much!!

I love you all!

Sister Fultz
 Myles getting baptized!
Rainy Cincinnati <3

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