Monday, December 5, 2016

The Grove of Cherries

What an amazing week! I love Cherry Grove. My companions are both amazing :) Sister Lamb and Sister Gessell. Sister Lamb came out with me and we were in the same district in the MTC, she if from California. Sister Gessell actually goes home next week and she is from Idaho. I am so sad that she is leaving! She has been staying strong though with the work and it's awesome to see her work hard until the end!

Our zone is super huge and we are having a get together today. It's going to be pretty crazy and fun! The Cherry Grove ward got 2 new Elders and one of them is fresh from the MTC. It's funny to be around a new missionary and remember what it was like to be new. The newbie is Elder Carter and his trainer is Elder Swainston. I guess Elder Swainston and I have common relatives! I came out with him too and he has been in Muncie, Indiana our whole mission until now! He is very new to Ohio and soi we had to show him all the good places like UDF and Graters :)

There are so many people in Cherry Grove that are ready to hear the Gospel! We talked to a lot of cool people this week. I am so excited to teach all of them! One of them is Courtney and her son Braxton. Braxton is only 8 and has so many questions about God. He had pretty deep questions too and I was impressed. We showed Courtney around the church so she can feel more comfortable when she comes to church. She asked a few of the classic Mormon questions and she was so accepting. She is very open and willing to learn, and I love it!

We got a media referral named Jeisherie. Jeisherie was a referral for a Bible, and the referral said that she was homosexual but has stopped practicing. We went and saw her and she is so prepared! She prayed to know if she needed to stop acting on her feelings. It's amazing to see that she was already willing to act on the promptings of the Spirit. Cassie was her friend who was there as well, she was asking a lot of questions and was excited to learn. We are going to go see the both of them tonight and talk more about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.

We did service at a farm this week. We go and walk horses for a non member, and I got dragged around by a horse named Blue. She must have known that I was new and decided to break me in! The non member family that we do that for came to the ward Christmas party that we had that night. It was so fun to see the ward fellowship them immediately! The Christmas party was fun too. It had a lot of decorations...haha. We helped with the potato bar and I burned my hands a few times.

Myles, and investigator the Sisters found last transfer, is getting baptized this Saturday! He is such an amazing person. He smoked for 4 years, and he prayed for help to quit! He was able to quit cold turkey and he hasn't smoked for 4 weeks! Yesterday at church he went up and bore his testimony about how much happier he is now that he knows God. Even though i just met him I already love him! We had dinner with him last night at our Bishops house. Myles is the kind of guy that always has a joke for every situation. I am always laughing with him.

We have been showing people the #LIGHTTHEWORLD video! I cry every single time I watch it! It has such an amazing spirit and it is a great reminder of what we can do. We really can do what Christ would do and it doesn't need to be big or complicated. Go out and do it!

I love you all!

Sister Fultz

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