Monday, November 16, 2015


I have officially been on my mission for 2 months! It has gone by really fast, but I also feel like I have been here foreverrrr. But I love it!

So heeeey.... I cut my hair... like 6 inches. Sorry Mom. It is so much healthier now! Everyone said they like it. So that's a good sign. It is a lot easier to do. Don't judge the picture. I'm not wearing any makeup because #pday. 

On Tuesday we kilted it with getting members out to teach with us! Anna Tensmeyer came out and we got a new gator named Essence with her. Essence is kinda crazy and somewhat full of herself lolololol. Later Doug Gullino came out and we taught 2 lessons with him. AWKWARD MOMENT OF THE DAY. We went to Tracey Blackwelders for dinner. She has a son that recently got home from his mission, Jake. We went over at 4 and he answered the door. Since we assumed he knew we were coming, we just walked right in. He was like "what up...?". We walked in to the kitchen and we didn't see any food on the table, and Tracey wasn't anywhere to be found. We asked if she was home and he said no. Then we told him that we had a dinner appointment with them tonight. He said he didn't know anything about it and that he would go call her. THE WORST PART was that Sis N was like "well we are going to go wait outside because we can't be in here with you...." then we just waited on the porch and felt like such idiots. Tracey did eventually get there and we were able to have dinner. Id on't know if we will ever recover from the awkwardness with Jake, He probably won't come out with us ever again....haha. 

Wednesday I got super mad at one of our (kind of) gators. He is from India and doesn't really claim a religion. Long story short he told us that we shouldn't be out on missions because we don't know what we're talking about. He said we're immature and we're wasting out time. OHHHH MAN it was so hard not to just snap at him. All of you that know how I can get should be proud that I didn't full out yell at him. But anyway. Towards the end of our visit we got to talk with him a little about the bible, and he seemed interested. He even let us say a prayer and then we were outta there. 

We have another gator named Bob Miller. He has been a gator since he was 18 and he's like 60 now. He attends church regularly and has a scout calling.... but he isn't baptized. He didn't get baptized because he didn't have his wife's permission. President Porter a couple weeks ago went and talk to him, and told him that he doesn't need her permission to get baptized! So I don't really know what he's waiting for... maybe he want to have his wife's permission anyway. Who knows?

Thursday we got our new district leader and out new zone leader! Our DL is Elder Rudd, and our new ZL (Lemeuix is still here) is Elder Bluth. Elder Bluth showed us an awesome new way of how to do our weekly planning everyThursday. When he showed us, he paused, looked off into space, then suddenly and boldly promised that if we plan in the way he showed us, we WILL baptized before Sis N goes home. But he didn't stop there! He promised me that if I plan that way during my whole mission, I will baptized DOUBLE of what I want to. Dang Elder Bluth! Welcome to the Celestial Cincy zone! Hahaha.

Tonight we saw a long time gator, Jo. He is dating a less active named Lori. We extended baptism and he said yes. We extended the 28th of November... he said no. DANG IT. I bet he will though. He wants it. He just has a few habits he needs to kick. But he knows that he needs to stop some habits, so that is a good start. Also Lori is getting more involved with the lessons which will help a lot. 

Friday the 13th!!! WE TAUGHT STEF'S EX WIFE KIM (she lives with him...weird I know). She said she enjoyed it more than she thought she would and she also said that she wanted to go to church on Sunday. Sweeeeeet!  We taught Nae Nae tonight the BofM lesson. It kinda sucked to be honest. It was a weak lesson with a weak baptismal date extension. Sis N just really hope that her mom will get more involved so that we can put her on date for baptism!

Saturday was so great! We taught a ton of lessons and reached all of our goals! Stef got to be at a lesson with us, which is always interesting. He has such a weird view of things. The gators name is Zion! I thought that was so cool. 

We tried to get Brandy to join the lesson with Nae Nae. She did... for like 2 minutes then left without saying anything. Oi vey! At least we tried. Small and simple things. We went by Debbie Merritts after. She is a less active. She said she was going to go to church, and asked if she could follow us there. YAY! She hasn't been to church in 5 years.

Sunday morning are always busy. We make breakfast for our gators to help them come to church. We made pancakes and took some to Jo, Kim, then Nae Nae and her family. Jo and Kim both came to church, but Nae Nae didn't :( Debbie followed us to church! She was so happy. She was smiling the whole way to the church. She didn't have any dress clothes, so after sacrament she left. She was embarrassed. I'm glad she came though. I hope she will continue to come. 

We planned a FHE at a members home for Nae Nae and her family. They said they were going to come, but when we went to their house so they could follow us to the house, they canceled. UGGGG. Sis N and I are starting to lose hope. But Anthony, Nae Nae's dad who we were originally teaching, said that he wants us to start teaching him again. I hope he means that and I hope it all goes well.

Our ward mission leader, Jeff Taylor, is seriously the best. Every Sunday when we have correlation, he always makes good use of the time. He is just so smart and awesome at helping us. I just love him and his wife! I am going to miss them when I (eventually) leave. 

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY EMORY! II can't believe that little brown child is 9 years old... crazy.

I'll give a quick opinion about the church policy change. GOOD! It is protecting the children of same sex parents from confusion.  If missionaries were to teach the child, it was cause so much confusion and contention in the home. It wouldn't go over well. It's similar to how we can't really teach Muslims because sometimes if they convert to any other religion they can be killed. Obviously it's not quite on the same level, but it's a similar principle.If any of you haven't yet. I encourage you to watch the interview with Elder Christofferson. It is really awesome. We were required as missionaries to watch it. If you don't agree with it-- pray about it. I can promise you that is it from God. This is how God wants to be right now. He knows better what we need and what the world needs than we do.

I know this church is true!I just want to scream it from the top of the mountain! Too bad there isn't any here. I'll go to the top of a hill, close enough. 

I hope everyone is doing well! God loves all of you and is aware of you.

Sista Fultz

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