Monday, November 9, 2015


YAY! I am not getting transferred! Neither is Sister Nielsen. I can breathe now!

So last Monday, we had a zone fun day in Lawrenceburg! It was about a 40 minute drive from Cincinnati. There are some members there that invited the Lawrenceburg missionaries to go to this haunted forest that they do. They asked if the whole zone could come and they were down for that! But funny story, the didn't know the address, so we were going to meet at a church buidling, but Sis N and I didn't get there soon enough, and so they had to try to tell us how to get to were the actual haunted forest was. Let's just say that Elder Lemeiux isn't the best at directions, especially since he had no idea where he was going either! When he was telling us where to go, we accidentally got back on the interstate! Gosh dang it. Sis N was so upset. I felt bad for her. She's been the DD for about 6 months now, she's sick of driving, this situation just made it worse. When we FINALLY GOT THERE, it was so fun! It was pretty scary even though it was during the day and they didn't have the whole staff there. It was very well put together! If you're ever in Indiana, I recommend "Haunted Hike".

Tuesday (Nov 3):Maxine had us rake her leaves today. We only had about an hour to do it, and she told us just to do as much as we could. Our hour was just about us, and I was setting out the tarp to put the leaves on. Sis N sat down for a second, and then Maxine freaked out! "You're just sitting there waiting for the time to pass by and hoping you won't have to do anything!". She is such a grumpy old lady sometimes, but I still love her! She's so sweet and kind... when she wants to be. She fed us lunch after! That was good. 

Wednesday (Nov 4): We had a member, Jake Blackwelder, come out teaching with us today. He's awesome! He recently got home from his mission in Malaysia. He almost died!! He got malaria. Scary!! We had an appt, but they weren't home (happens a lot), so we started walking to go try someone else with Jake. We started talking to a young man named Latrail. When we were setting up an appt with him, his sister walked up! So we got both of them as new gators. BUT THEN, their friend walked up and we got him as a new as well! Woohoo! It was so awesome. We later visited on of our favorite Indians, Pree and Vick. Pree is crazy! Haha. He tried to rub Sis N shoulders... talk about awkward! But they are super nice and give us free drinks from their store and Vick bought us Subway. I hope that by us being friends with him that he will want to know more about the Gospel! 

Thursday (Nov 5): SPECIALIZED TRAINING! My first one! It amazing and so much fun! Oh, but before we had zone meeting, and we set a goal of 22 baptisms this month as a zone! We can totally do it. Sis N and I set a goal to get 3 for our companionship. I'm having a few doubts right now, but I know the Lord will help us! In ST, we practiced extending baptism and extending commitments. They taught us a good way to get gators to keep their commitments. We pretty much just keeps asking "how are we going to help you remember to do this?". It actually works really well! We have done it a few times since, and it has worked beautifully. When we got back to our area, we had a dinner appointment with Bret Anderson. He is a single man, and so he invited a few other people so we could be there. It ended up being Bret, Randy Blanton, Bishop and his 4 kids, and then us! Bret made us Japanese Curry, and oh man was it good. It was so delicious! After dinner we played a trivia game. It made me feel kinda stupid... I didn't know the answer to pretty much any of them! Take me on in a Gospel trivia though and I will school you! After dinner we drove to Northern Kentucky for exchanges! Woohoo. This time Sis N and I both when to Kentucky, which is called "blitzing". This time I got to be with Sis Whitherspoon and Sis N was with Sis Mickelson. 

Friday (Nov 6): Nothing terribly exciting happened with Sis W and I. We had a decently productive day. They have a 10 year old boy that is getting baptized on the 14th, but his mom, who is a less active member, keeps trying to find every reason to push back the date. She wants him to know more before he gets baptized. But what's frustrating is that Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to know everything, especially not when we're 10 years old! We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ lessons, which was actually my first time, and it went well! But his mom is still trying to change the day. Oi vey. When exchanges were over, we met at Wendy's and got some food and went over our day. Sis W committed me to stay awake during personal study, and to lead in personal contacting. I am not good at studying in the morning, I'll be reading and I'll fall asleep in the middle of a sentence. 

Saturday (Nov 7): Awkward moment of the day... we stopped by a less actives home to see him, turn out he passed away a few months ago! Awkward!! I felt so bad. Today we tried to go to Oakley and get out of Madisonville for a change. We met these people, and this guy kept asking us if we wanted to smoke a joint, and we said no every time. He asked maybe 20 times. It was getting frustrating, that's for sure! We didn't get them as new gators, mostly because they were high and/or drunk. The guy was kinda funny though, until he smoked his weed and blew it in our faces. Let's just say that I know exactly what marijuana smells like now... So we decided maybe the people of Oakley aren't quite ready for us yet... haha. An not so awkward/funny moment of the day... Stef (our recent convert) smoked. He hasn't smoked since he got baptized in September, which is actually really awesome. It broke my heart to see it though, and I was so afraid he was going to fall away from the church! After we talked to him, and shared a good scripture about repentance, and he said that he isn't going to do it again, and that he only did it because of stress. I have faith in him! I know that just because he smoked once doesn't mean he's going to fall away, but it could end up leading to other things. As long as we continue to see him and the ward gets more involved, he'll do well. 

Sunday (Nov 8): Church went by so fast! Sacrament was about gratitude, and the talks were awesome. I found out that one of the members was in Jordan about 6 years ago. He felt this prompting to buy the travel insurance stuff that costs like an extra 60 bucks. It would cover any emergency stuff and all that jazz. Well, while he was there, he got diagnosed with cancer!! With the travel insurance he bought, that paid for all his chemotherapy and all his treatments! I don't have all the details, but ya'll get it for the most part. That is so miraculous! Listen to promptings you receive!! Sunday school was all about the Gather of Israel, and I really enjoyed it. I was secretly hoping that would get the members to get involved more in missionary work ;) haha. Relief Society was about being a good shepherd--again, missionary work! Sweet. We went home after, and Sis N is sick so she took a nap and I cleaned the kitchen. We had a ton of dishes and I did them all and cleaned the stove top. It's so clean now! We had the chance to teach Nae Nae the Restoration. She is such a smart 10 year old. She pretty much taught herself about everything. I really think she's going to get baptized this month!

It was a really good week! We didn't reach all of our goals, but we reached a lot! We got fed a lot this week as well, which I am very grateful for. Elder Dahl, our district leader, is getting transfered tomorrow :( I'm only kinda sad. He didn't like me very much I don't think... oh well! He's a good missionary and was a good DL. I'm gonna miss him! He lives in Roy, so hopefully we'll be friends after our missions. His companion, Elder Nielsen, is staying. E. Nielsen just got out of training. I wonder if he is going to be the new DL... I don't think he would be that soon out of training, but you never know! E. Nielsen is from a small town next to VERNAL! I already asked if he knows any of the Talbots... nope! But he went to Union, Uintah's rival! Haha. A lot is going to change this week and I'm excited to see who gets transferred in. My favorite part of a new transfer... getting a new planned. Woohoo!

I love you all! Thanks for your support. I want you all the know that I know this church is true. Jesus Christ suffered and died for our sins. I know prayer is real, and that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I believe so much in miracles! I see them almost everyday. Our Heavenly Father knows us perfectly and knows what we NEED. He loves us and He wants the best for us. I am so grateful to be in Cincy, teaching people about this message of happiness! Go out and do something more, than dream of your mansion above. Go out and doing something for someone! The Lord will bless you. 

Sister Fultz

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