Monday, November 9, 2015

YO! Oct 26 - Nov 2


Monday (26th): The first p-day that we didn't have to be running around. I got a nap in! Today we had dinner with some members, the Smith's. They have a son named Hyrum--clever! They are actually a blended family, and they are so funny. The kids are Wessel, Hyrum, Charlotte, and Jace. They are the cutest! They love us. Dinner was so good as well. After, they took us to graeters ice cream and let us get 2 scoops! I got the blackberry chocolate chip with blueberry pie. Yum :)They also gave us a ton of leftovers! A missionaries dream. Tonight I got to plan, and I saw someone named Maiya that knows our best member friend Angela. We texted her asking about her, and she said she was just about to text us about her! Inspired! We planned to see her tomorrow with Angela. Woohoo!

Tuesday (27th): We got to see Maiya today! She just had a baby and hasn't been doing too well. When we asked if she went to church she said no, and that she calls herself a "free spirit".... okay. She was very sweet and has the cutest kids! We went to see a less active, Dorris, today with Maxine Blotter and Janet Blackwelder. We went with them because they are  Dorris' visiting teacher, and they weren't really doing it. So we helped them out a little with that! While we were driving to Dorris', Maxine was driving kinda crazy. But this guy behind us would not stop honking at us! I couldn't figure out why either... we were at a stop sign and there was a car in front of us. I stuck my head out and told him that we were waiting for the car in front of us (I did no nicely), then he told me to shut up! Wooooow. You need Jesus! ;) When we finally got to Dorris' house, she has the most annyoing Shih Tzu! He is eviiiiiil. Not even I like him! But I love Dorris, so it's okay. Tonight we had dinner with some other members-- Britton and Jennie Martin. We taught them the Doctrine of Christ lessons #2. It was so powerful! I loved it. Faith isn't just something you say you have. It is a way of thinking and is an action word. So get out and show your faith! Then we went and taught the Doctrine of Christ lessons #1 to the Taylors :)

Wednesday (28th): One month since getting to Ohio! Woohoo! We are running low on miles, so we walked a lot today! Luckily is wasn't too cold. Stef (a recent convert) fed us dinner tonight. He made us chicken, mac and cheese, and corn. I loved it! Stef is seriously the best. He is very Bible-smart. While we were sitting on his porch (we couldn't go inside--no other woman was there), one of our gators, Anthony, pulled up. He is a hard guy to get a hold of! It's also hard because he smokes weed and stuff... so he's never really sober. He was being really rude to us, and so that night we decided to stop teaching him :( always a sad day when you drop someone. We finally got a text back from one of our former gators! Jesse and Brian (mother and son), were taking lessons for awhile when someone in the fam died. We have tried to set up a time to see them for a long time, and we finally did! We are seeing them next Tuesday. 

Thursday (29th): Weekly planning! Today we got together as a zone and had family council before going and doing our weekly planning. We talked about how we want to do our family conference calls every night. I'm glad we decided that, I love the calls! They always make me laugh. Oh, funny story. I don't want people to know I can play the piano. So when Sis N and I were alone in the relief society room, I played a little. THEN ELDER DAHL WALKED IN. He's our district leader, and now he's gonna try and get me to play at district meeting! Dang it. But then he said it's okay that I don't like to play with people singing with me. Then he wanted to play, but he doesn't really know how, so I helped him a little bit. When planning was over, the STL's gave us a ride home, and we stopped at McDonalds and got lunch with them. When we got home Stef came out and walked around with us. We got a new gator! One of Stef's friends actually. So Stef... he says that when he has his "spiritual shell" or something, he gets a blue ring around his eyes. When we were walking he suddenly stopped and looked to the right, and just stared. Sis N jokingly asked if he saw a spirit or something. Then he told us to look in his eyes, and he had a blue ring! I don't even know what to think about that. 

Friday (30th): Zone conference! Woohoo. We were at the Buttermilk Pike building from 8:30-4:30. Loooooong day! But it was fun, and we received a lot of revelation! I loved it. I would say more, but it was all very personal :) Once we were done, we drove back to our area and walked around, since we were still low on miles. We got new gators again! One of their names was Quincy, and he is so spunky and funny. Funny story of the day: we didn't have enough miles to go home for dinner. So we went to the dollar store and got lunchables, and sat on a bench and ate! Haha. It was so fun. Lot's of people looked at us weird. A few people (men) offered us rides... awkward. 

Saturday (31st): Halloween! Boring Halloween as a missionary. Angela gave us rides to where we needed to go today, and she fed us dinner. I sure love her! We got to see Anthony today!! Crazy. He was a lot nicer this time, and he even invited us in! We got to meet his girlfriend, Brandy,more and one of her kids. We taught him the Book of Mormon lesson. It was really hard because of all the smoke in the house from him and Brandy. I'm glad we were able to see him, though. Angela picked us up after, and she fed us dinner. She showed us this cool thing-- you take a tea bag, cut off the top, empty it, and then prop it up on our hand. Then you light it on fire. When the fire gets close to your hand, it flies up, and you don't get burned. The lesson is that, we need to have faith even when it hurts, and then Christ will lift us up in the end. I loved it! We had to go back to our apartment at 7, and then we just did paperwork pretty much.

Sunday (1st): Fast Sunday! Church didn't have anything terribly interesting. But we tried to take breakfast to one of our gators, Brian. He wasn't awake, and he wouldn't wake up :/ Stef wasn't at church today, so we stopped by after. We were talking, strangely about zits and blackheads, then, STEF SQUEEZED HIS NOSE AND ALL THIS PUSS CAME OUT. IT WAS AWESOME. If any of you know me, you know that I love popping zits and all that stuff. It was so cool.  Today we taught a Muslim family! We met the mother, Manala, a few weeks ago. Today we met her husband and he kids. They are a cute family! We talked a lot about similarities between our beliefs. It was good to set that foundation of understanding. We taught Anthony again today. Today he invited us in again, and we watched them play Monopoly. We finally got to actually meet a few of the kids and get their names: Todd (16), Nae Nae (Nickname, 10), Charles (7), and Brandon (4). They are so cute! It was awesome to get to spend time with them and build that trust. 

Monday (Today! 2nd): Well, here we are! Today we are going to a haunted forest in Lawrenceburg as a zone. I'm excited! I'll tell more next week.

Sorry this is messy, we're low on time and I wanted to get as much in as a I could! I'm not very good at telling funny moments, I'll try to do that more.

I love this church! I know it's true. It has brought so much happiness into my life. I've already been able to see the difference in those we teach. 

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sister Fultz

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