Monday, November 30, 2015


Hello all! I hope all of you had a better Thanksgiving than Sis Nielsen and I had! 

We got home Wednesday night, I just felt horrible. Around 10:00 I threw up everything I had eaten that day. After that I was throwing up all night every single hour. Sis N threw up about 3 times. She got the better end of the stick. We had to stay in our apartment all day. We just slept. It felt weird to stay inside sleeping all day. We did go out around 6, but we went to a members, Stef's, house and watched church movies about the temple. Stef got baptized back in September before I got here, and HE IS GOING TO THE TEMPLE THIS SATURDAY. He is going to do baptisms, and it's going to be so awesome! We get to go with him since he is our Recent Convert :) We are most likely going to go to the Louiseville temple with him. We also have 2 other RC's (the Elder's) Jeanie and Jamal (Mother and Son) that will be going as well. I am so beyond excited for that! When Stef was getting his bishop interview for his recommend, we waited outside the office so we could know if he "passed" or not :) Which he did so it was awesome.  Stef invited one of his nieces over for us to teach without telling us! Haha. But it was awesome because we got her as a new gator. She was kinda drunk when we taught her though... so we will see how much she remembers! 

One of our area's, Oakley, was full of surprises this week. A less active recent convert lives there. We went to go see her when we saw 2 teenage boys. We talked to them on got them as new gators and set a time to go see them the following week, all was grand. We went to talked to out LARC and then we went back to our car. When we were sitting in our car setting up the GPS to where we were going to go next, we heard a knock on the window. It was a lady. I rolled down the window. She asked if we recognized the two boys who we had just talked to an hour earlier. She told us that we scared them and that she and the other mother were very angry that we talked to them. She made us cross out their names and addresses and told us never to talk to them again. Well then! It was depressing. She was rather rude as well, but it's okay. Now we know not to talk to any kids in Oakley  (just a side note, we are allowed to teach children as long as they are 8 or older).

We had a zone meeting on Friday. Ralp Sr, one of the funniest members, made our whole zone breakfast at the church. It was awesome! He usually makes us breakfast every Friday morning anyway. This time he just did it for the whole zone. Also, Ralph has a deal with Kroger that he goes and takes all the bread and "baked goods" ,as Ralph Sr says, that they are going to throw out, and he gives them to the missionaries and the poorer people of the ward. We get a lot of doughnuts from him. Our zone meeting was super awesome! I loved it and took a lot of notes. Elder Bluth is one of my favorite zone leaders. He is so funny and you can tell that he really cares about our zone. Our zone used to be "Celestial Cincy" but now we changed it to "Cincinnati Command Center" or "CCC". Which is funny because Sister Porter (President Porter's wife) has 3 C's that we don't do in this mission (at least we aren't supposed to do them). They are Complain, Criticize, and Compare. She also added sarCasm, that's a hard one, especially for me. Anyway, the meeting was so spirit filled. Our leaders talked to us about Charity, Consecration, and Change (3 C's again!). It made me realize that I need to have more love for our gators. I love talking about consecration, but I also hate it. There is always something new I realize I need to work on. That's a good thing though! We as followers of Christ need to always be changing and becoming better. It's hard to admit when we need to change, but once we do, Christ is able to help us! We also set a goal to extend December 19th for baptism. Then our zone will have a huge baptism service that day, and then it'll be our "White Christmas"! 

Just so you all know, if you are ever in Madisonville, never shine red lasers. Sis N's mom send us some, and we were shining one on our gator (on his chest, not his eyes--don't worry mom). He FREAKED out! The reason why is because the people in M-Ville really dislike police... and police have red lasers to aim on their guns. So when they see the red light on them, they think they're about to get shot. He got very upset, and then asked us to leave. It was awkward. We were very embarrassed and felt super bad. So the reason we were shining it on him was because we wanted his daughter to see it. We were just trying to make her laugh. It ended up turning into something bad. So we left and Sis N felt stupid because she was the one that did it. I told her not to worry. Anthony (the gator) has been shot 6 times, so it's kinda like he has PTSD because of it. Now we know sort of his deeper need and how we can help him more. A few days later we took him cookies and he said all was well. Unfortunately we haven't been able to see them since. They say every time we stop by that they'll call us... I really really hope they do soon! 

Jo, a really solid gator, is falling through the cracks :( we extended Dec 26th to him, and he hasn't accepted it yet. His GF is a LA, and so she knows what needs to happen before he can be baptized--they need to get married or he needs to move out. Once we talked about that with the, is has been harder to get Jo to keep appointments. He came to church still, so that's a good sign! We're just going to keep trying to see him everyday and encourage him.

I gave a talk this week in Sacrament. I spoke about how to obtain a testimony, perfect for a missionary! Really how we can obtain a testimony is through prayer, study, and experience! We need to be praying and studying every day, and then experiences we have because of those 2 things will help is obtain and/or strengthen our testimony. 

I love you all!

Sister Fultz

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