Saturday, November 28, 2015

First item of ward business (hahahaha) I get to drive now! I got my tiwi (tiwi is what is installed in all mission cars here in the OCM. It tracks our speeding and aggressive driving). The roads here are a lot different than the ones in Utah. The curve. All. The. Time. It's gonna take some getting used to. I also have to try to remember not to speed... 

We put Nae Nae and Anthony on date for baptism this week...neither of them stayed on date. Which was a little depressing, but it'll all work out. We went to go see them Saturday night and talk to them about church. The kids let us  in and we were sitting on the couch with Brandy and Anthony were arguing in the kitchen... it was awkward needless to say! Brandy was calling Anthony a liar and there were cuss words flying left and right. Sis Nielsen felt like we should leave, but me, being as nosy as I am, wanted to stay and see if Brandy was going to kick Anthony out (she never did). Brandy walked out of the kitchen and saw us (cussed) and then apologized. She then went on to say that she doesn't care if we hear because she has nothing to hide (obviously). Anyway. I didn't get to teach Anthony, all we did get to do was share a scripture with Nae Nae. She isn't on date anymore because her mom said no. Anthony isn't on date because he didn't come to church (gators have to come to chruch 3 times before they are baptized).

Jo, one of our less active's boyfriend, is doing really well. I don't remember if I said, but he fell off the roof and fractured his back. Turn out it was kinda a good thing, because now he wants to be baptized! Haha. Lori, the less active, has been more involved with his lessons. We see them a few times a week and they are just the best family ever. They always send us home with food to eat, and the food is super delicious. We have taught the restoration, the Book of Mormon, and the Plan of Salvation so far. Which actually is as far as I have gotten with any gator thus far in my mission. He has already said yes to baptism, and this week we extended Dec 26th to him. They said they would think about it. They would either have to get married or one of them would have to move out. So that is going to take some time to figure out.

Mike has this routine where he will talk to us for awhile and we will teach his really awesome lessons, and then he'll stop talking to us for a little bit. We taught him about he priesthood, extended baptism, and taught the Plan of Salvation this week. when we taught the Plan of Salv, we had a member with us and it went super well. Buuuut we haven't seen him since then. So I guess we are back in the mode when he ignores us. Darn.

This week we had our Mission Tour. We went on Friday to a church building in Montgomery where ELDER BENNETT OF THE 70 came and talked to us allllllllll day. Elder Bennett is seriously the best. He is so funny and very smart. He taught us how to ask for referrals in a better and nicer way, and how to have more spiritual role plays. It was so amazing. One of the best meetings I have ever been to. One of the things that really made me think was when President Porter asked "what are you fighting?" What are we fighting over with our Heavenly Father? We all have something we can improve on in life, but we don't want to admit it--so we're fighting it. Stop fighting. Just do it. Promise Him you will do it. One thing I felt like I was fighting was using my morning time more wisely. If I didn't feel like I needed to full hour to get ready, I would lay back in bed. That time can be used for better things such as writing in your journal, reading, or even cleaning. So I promised my Father in Heaven that I wouldn't go back to sleep in the morning, but that I would be more productive during that time. It may seem kinda silly, but now is the time to prepare to meet God. We need to be doing to little things. In the end, the little things make a big difference. I encourage all of you to think of what it is that you are fighting with God about. In end, you'll lose. Let's be real. Heavenly Father knows you better, and He will beat you in any fight any day. Just give up before you make it harder on yourself to make that change that He wants you to make and that you need to make. It may be big or it may be small. Either way it is something that will bring you closer to our Savior. 

This week was very spiritually inspired in many ways. I have seen Sis N and I being guided everyday by the spirit. It is unreal. It isn't something I have ever felt before. In our mission song, one of the lines says "I have learned to walk with God". I really have. I feel Him with me everyday. He is shaping me, leading me, and helping me in everything that I do. I have only been out for 2 1/2 months, but it has been one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. I know that this church is true. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today. He leads and guides this church through the power of God. I'm grateful that Jesus the Christ died for us on the cross, and suffered for us in the garden of Gethsemane. He did is because we won't be perfect while in our mortal life, and because He loves us. I'm grateful for this church, this gospel, and the opportunity I have to be out on a mission helping others feel the same happiness that I feel. It's almost sad to think that I ONLY have about 16 months left. It's kinda freaking me out that time is going by so fast. Live life to the fullest. The only way we can truly do that is by following our Savior Jesus Christ. 

I love you all! This church is amazing.

$ista Fultz

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