Monday, April 18, 2016

Bradi Banner Quotes

So Bradi Banner is a former missionary who served in our mission, but she lives in our mission. She is visually impaired, practically blind. She lives in our ward so she comes teaching with us a lot. This week she said some really funny things:

Sister Fultz: dang it I ran a stop sign (I really did)
Bradi: And I thought I was the blind one.

Sister Breeze: I can't read and walk!
Bradi: Neither can I.

(Talking about Satan)
Bradi: I'm going to take him and beat him with my cane!! 

She is pretty much the best member missionary ever. She was called to serve for 6 weeks in Indiana, and she ended up serving for 6 months! She didn't want to leave, but she needed to. It's pretty cool though, she went home "late" ;)

That's all for real this time! 

Sister Fultz

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