Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello all you beautiful people!

General Conference was absolutly the best! Here is a summary of my favorites:

1. Dallin H. Oaks!! He blows me away every time. It was a good reminder after a hard week of work that it is all part of the plan. 
2. Jeffrey R. Holland-- I just about cried. He is always so heart felt and genuine. It made me think that if we don't apply anything that we learn at Conference, church, or other meetings that it makes it a waste of time. We need to apply the revelation we receive from our Heavenly Father. 
3. President Monson-- what a champ! FOUR NEW TEMPLES!! Woohoo! REPENTANCE. Oh my, such an important thing that our Heavenly Father has given us! 
4. Bonnie L. Oscarson Do you believe? Nuff' said.

There were many other things that I loved, but I forgot my notebook so I can't remember at the moment! So lets go over this CRAAAAZY week we had here in Mont-Geezy

When Sister Breeze first got here, we went through our area book and picked some former investigators to check up on. There was this particular name, Chrystal Dooley, that stood out to us. BUT THERE WASN'T AN ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER. UGH. One of the missionaries who taught her was Sister Breeze's STL, so she decided to email her. Last Monday she forgot the email, so she wasn't able to. We didn't really worry about it. On Tuesday we decided to try a former named Esther. While looking for her house, which we couldn't find, we met this lady and started talking to her. We asked if we could give her a card, and she said "Yes! Please! Give me a card!". GUESS WHAT. IT WAS CHRYSTAL DOOLEY. She told us that she had been waiting for us to come and see her for a week. AHHHHH. MIRACLE. We talked to her for awhile, ON WE PUT HER ON DATE. She is so prepared and golden! But sadly, she is now off date because she did not watch conference, BUT IT WAS STILL A COOL EXPERIENCE. Woo. 

Also, Garrett is no longer getting baptized on the 16th :( he doesn't feel its right. But he is still reading the Book of Mormon which is awesome! 

Funny story of the week: we were walking through Kroger, and we were by all the wine going to the produce, we said "You know you're not in Utah anymore when there is more wine than produce". *bu dum tsss* 

Lastly, our zone for the first time in pretty much ever has more Sisters than Elders. Now we call ourselves the Relief Society and the Zone Leaders call themselves the original Relief Society presidency... dorks. 

Woo hoo! 
Sister Fultz

Sorry y'all for the short and scattered brained email. It has been a crazy week and I am exhausted! Love you all (:

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