Monday, April 18, 2016

They see me preachin', they hatin'

Hello errybody!

WE FOUND AN AMAZING FAMILY THIS WEEK! We were out knocking on doors by a less active that moved, and we found a family of 8! They have 6 boys! So crazy. We tried this new method of contacting by saying that we are offering free church tours on Wednesdays and Saturdays. IT WORKED. We were able to set up a church tour for this Saturday and then also an appointment for this Thursday. Something that was rare was that they actually had a car and could drive it! THAT NEVER HAPPENS. What was even cooler was that I said a prayer earlier in the day telling Heavenly Father that we would find a family that day, and they would be baptized and they would be sealed together for eternity. THEN HE SENDS US A FAMILY. Isn't He just great?

This week we went to a lesson and we were waiting for a member. We were just sitting in our car, and we sat there for 30 minutes and she didn't show up. We texted her and we got no response. We decided she wasn't coming and we had sat in the car long enough. We got out and the person we were going to see weren't even available. We started to walk down the street to try a former, and a police officer drives by. I immediately thought that someone called them on us. We got to the house and we were knocking when the officer pulled up and got out of his car! He asked who we were with and asked for ID. It's actually kind of funny because Sister Breeze and I were both thinking "Sweet! We get to actually show someone our Ministerial Certificate!". We started to pull them out when he said our name tags were enough. BUMMER. We were really disappointing to say the least. He just told us that they have a no soliciting law, but since we are with a religious group we were good. Then he drove off. Somewhat uneventful, but still fun. 

Slow week.. sorry y'all!
Woo ya woo! 

Sister Fultz 

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