Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Leaving The Nati

Hello everyone, I am emailing on a members iPad, so excuse my typos! It's actually rather hard to type on.

I am leaving Cincinnati, and so is Sister Coleman! I think I am more sad that she is leaving than I am about me leaving. I wanted her to be able to lead the area, but God has other plans I suppose!

This week was strange. First our investigator Jackie dropped us ;( it's okay though. She just wasn't ready.

And this week President Welch made some changed to how we are going to be doing our number reporting, and we also will not be doing as many conference calls. We are aligning more with preach my gospel, and I really like it. It's making life a lot easier actually. We went from about 20 different key indicators down to the standard 9 as outlined in preach my gospel. It will also be nice to have zone calls every single night. More sleep!

We had a cool experience this week. We went to try a potential and we talked to their neighbor first, and they told us that they weren't there anymore. We started walking back to the car, but I felt like we need to go back and knock on the door anyway. We went back and knocked on the door, and when the lady opened that opened the door, I knew that i knew her from somewhere. She said that she recognized me as well. I asked her name. When she told me her name, I remembered her! I met her the first time i was here. She is a less active who all the time we don't contact because of her boyfriend. Since then she has moved, and we didn't know where. Well now we do! She told us we could go visit her any day. Miracle!

I forgot to tell you all last week, but last week we saw a pig! Pigs are a common pet here in Cincinnati. It was just out eating some grass. We were talking to the owners, and then some officers drove up and took a picture of it. It was bizzare.

My last Sunday in this ward went out with a bang. One of the members got out the portable mic and started going around forcing people to bear their testimonies. I was one of them... But I did it gladly.

Nothing much really happened this week. I will tell you all next week where I end up!

Love you all,

Sister Fultz

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