Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Not much this week

Mark is not getting baptized anymore :( He just wasn't willing to live the Word of Wisdom. In time :) We won't be seeing him as often anymore because he just isn't progressing. Back to square one.

We had zone conference this week! Changed my life. We talked a lot about repentance and how investigators need to truly repent before baptism, a big reason why Mark is not getting baptized yet. We did a lot of fun role plays too that I enjoyed. I love President Welch.

When we told ward council that Mark wouldn't be getting baptized, one member got really mad and leaned forward and was pretty much yelling at us. Some people just don't understand the process of missionary work and conversion. Meh.

This coming Friday we are going to have a member of the 70 come! Very exciting. Elder Hamula, I probably spelled that wrong, will be visiting with us :)

It rained a lot this week, and we always forget our umbrellas... so we got soaked.

We have an investigator, Lisa! She is the one in the nursing home. She is still doing well. She had a hospital visit scare because of asthma, but she is doing better now. We got a good picture with her :) She isn't set to get baptized on a certain day, only because her time in our area is temporary. Once she goes home she will get baptized where she lives :)

We had a zone sports day today! I always love those. I accidentally kicked an elder, and our shins hit each other, and it hurt. I have a pretty good mark on my leg. Other than that it was fun! I almost won in speed... but an elder got me out during the final two. Rats.

Transfers are coming up in the next few weeks... I have a feeling I will be leaving Cincinnati. But we will see!

Love you all. Sorry for the scatterbrained email. It happens.

Sister Fultz

 Us... Soaked
 Classic Sister Missionary in the car pic :)
Us with Lisa!

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