Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mission Tour!

This week was our mission tour with Elder and Sister Hamula. It was THE BEST. There are a lot of things that President Welch is changing, and I am so excited for it. One thing he really emphasized is giving it back to us. He wants us to set the standards for ourselves. He is going to have there be less accountability in some aspects, so we can learn to be accountable more to ourselves and not just others. We are going to be having a mission conference call on Thursday to talk about the things we will be changing. It will take getting use to, but I am excited! Elder Hamula and his wife said some really encouraging words that I needed to hear. Funny how the spirit works that way, huh? ;)

The morning of mission tour, our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Iketau and Johnson, were coming over for breakfast and we were going to carpool to the meeting. Sister Coleman was making pancakes, and we have to use a lot of oil otherwise everything sticks to the pan. I was out in the living room, and all the sudden I hear "Son of a Biscuit Eater!". I walked in and the pan and a pancake were on the ground and Sister Coleman was running her hand under cold water. Somehow, she made the pan fly off the stove and spilled the hot oil on her hand. I didn't even know what to do, I jjust kept asking if she wanted to wrap it, even though we had nothing to wrap it with... haha. SO she was in major pain all through our meetung, which lasted from 8:30 to 3, and then we stayed at the church until 5 to meet with President. Poor girl. Hopefully she'll get a cool scar from it! I attached a picture of it.

We got caught in a gnarly rainstorm this week. Lots of rain, thunder and lightning. It was fun! Sister Coleman isn't used to rain, and she always gets really excited. I get really sick of it since I'm used to rain and I just really dislike being wet. I do enjoy the thunder and lightning.

I got hit on this week. So that's always fun. Here is how it went:

(Earlier in the day)
"are you married?" -Guy at Stefs house
"You'll have to marry someone cocky to put up with you"
(Later in the day)
"And you....you. So you aren't married???"
"Man...if God put me in your church, he'd put me with you. You're so fiesty!"
"Okay have a great night..." *drives away*

Also this last week we got a new investigator at Stef's house (so many things happen there). We were praying at the end, and people in Madisonville like to hold hands while praying. SO here i am, holding this 30 something year old guys hand that was probably drunk, and he prayed for seriously 10 minutes. I HELD HIS HAND FOR 10 MINUTES. Oh my. Life is exciting.

We had our first lesson with our new investigator, Jackie, on Tuesday. It was the most amazing Restoration lesson everr! The spirit was so strong and she accepted Joseph Smith very well. One thing President Welch really emphasizes if talking more about Jesus Christ. When we met Jackie we did exactly that. When we saw her on Tuesday, she said the only reason she let us come back was because we talked about Jesus Christ. Thank you President Welch for your wise counsel! :)

Last week of the transfer! Crazy how time flies. I am almost done training Sister Coleman as well. She has grown so much as a missionary, and I couldn't be more proud of her. I have really pushed her out of her comfort zone, just as a trainer should ;) I love that girl so darn much.

Love you all!

Sister Fultz

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  1. Nothing like a little update to bring a smile to my face. You are an amazing fiesty lady, Makenzie!